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CCRT 2018 at Kent State University: A Domino Effect

If you’re like us, you’ve always thought about the environment. Whether it’s a reusable water bottle or shopping locally for groceries, the planet and our impact on the environment have always been at the forefront of our minds.

But for many college students, sustainability just isn’t something they think about. That’s where the environmentally inclined and Conscious College Road Tour (CCRT) comes in.

Picture this … a long row of tables piled high with ethical body care products, stainless steel cups, reusable grocery bags, sustainable food and drinks, and something for every aspect of your life. And not just that, but student volunteers, who are all learning how to be environmentally conscious. Might be your roommate, your study buddy, your friend, standing by a table, well informed, ready and excited to hand you a free product sample and tell you about ways you can promote sustainability right there on campus. Would you give 5 minutes to learn something new and change your life for the better? For over 500 Kent State students, the answer was an enthusiastic ‘yes!’


Although we’ve both been involved with environmental projects and events before, we can firmly say this was the best turnout we’ve ever seen. Those who stopped by were sometimes drawn in for the free samples, but they all stayed for the valuable lessons we were sharing.  For example, we gave out stainless steel straws to students and challenged them to make one small change: use the stainless steel straw rather than plastic ones.

We think the most important and empowering thing they learned was how simple it is to make a small change with a big impact.


A lot of the students who took the survey prior to walking through the CCRT tables thought they were well educated on sustainability. They knew plastic bags were bad and that recycling was good, but they were blown away by all of the knowledge they gained from the event. Many would come back to the survey table excited to tell me about the fun new fact they had just learned, sharing something like ‘I can’t believe we’ve allowed there to be a great pacific garbage patch… I’m never buying plastic again!’ CCRT touches thousands of students annually in a similar manner, and just thinking about the domino effect this event has is incredibly exciting and uplifting.  

So, if you could change your life for the better in just five minutes, would you?

We think you’ll find that it’s easier than you would imagine, and the benefits to mother earth and all of her inhabitants is well worth it. It only takes one simple daily habit shift to dramatically lessen your impact on the environment. CCRT gave students at our school the opportunity to do this. Now go ahead, be the domino you wish to see in the world!

About the Authors:


Jordyn and Meaghan are Grad Students at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio. They both represent Turning Green as Campus Reps at their university.

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