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Back to School Without the Waste

1Klean Kanteen 16 oz. Insulated Tumbler 2Klean Kanteen 8 oz. Insulated Tumbler 3. U Konserve Square Nesting Trio 4. Fluf Market Utility Tote 5. Full Circle Home Freezer Compost Bin 6. Bee’s Wrap Food Storage Cloths 7.To-Go Ware Reusable Bamboo Utensil Set

Take a moment to think about your average day as a student. You probably eat in the dining hall or cafeteria, work out at the campus rec center, and grab snacks and drinks from the vending machines when you’re up late or in a rush. Balancing study, work, and leisure time can cause daily routines that highlight convenience, but unfortunately this on-the-go lifestyle can create a lot of unnecessary waste. 

In fact, the average person produces about 1.95 kg or 4.3 pounds of waste a day. Collectively, the United States produces 250 million tons of waste annually – a quantity that could cover Texas, TWICE! According to the World Bank, at current rates of consumption and waste production, the global population will produce three times as much waste by 2100.

When we continue to throw away plastics and styrofoam that take hundreds of thousands of years to decompose, where will our trash go when we’ve filled the last landfill? What will our planet look like?

That’s where you come in.

By taking steps to reduce waste, you can help combat climate change and conserve vital resources for future generations.

Take reusable containers and utensils to the dining halls. Refill reusable water bottles instead of using disposable plastic ones. Make a pledge to say no to straws, styrofoam, and anything else you only use once then throw away. Take notes on your laptop instead of notebooks (or buy 100% post-consumer recycled if you’re a pen-and-paper type learner!). The possibilities for reducing your impact are endless, and you’ll find that a zero-waste lifestyle isn’t that hard to manage as a student! 

Companies like Kanteen and U-Konserve offer some great products that can help jumpstart your zero-waste lifestyle when you go back to school this Fall. Check out our top picks, below!


Klean Kanteen Vacuum Insulated 16 oz Tumbler

This stainless steel tumbler might quickly become your go-to cup, easily transitioning from morning coffee to afternoon smoothie to nighttime tea. The high performance double-wall vacuum insulation will keep drinks hot for 4 hours and iced for 20 hours. The interior is made with a safe and non-toxic process, and it’s easy to clean. The lid keeps splashing to a minimum. There is also an 8 oz version that is great for going out for ice cream or soft serve!

Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Reflect 27oz Water Bottle

Over 38 billion plastic water bottles are thrown away every year. Why not get one that will last a lifetime? The stainless steel bottle that launched Klean Kanteen over a decade ago is now available as a high performance insulated water bottle. Their original, iconic Classic water bottle shape was combined with double-wall vacuum insulation to create the most versatile bottle ever. It will keep drinks hot for 20 hours and iced for 50 hours. It’s a great choice to carry with you wherever you go so that you can stay hydrated without having to turn to plastic.

Klean Kanteen 16 oz Steel Pint Cup

Equip yourself for your next party and BYO Kleen Kanteen Steel Pint Cup. It holds the same 16 ounces as those ubiquitous red plastic cups, but it’s  reusable, and versatile, this stainless steel cup cuts down on plastic waste. Fill it with your smoothies, juice, water, iced coffee, or cold beer straight from the keg and enjoy year ’round, anywhere.


Klean Kanteen 5 Piece Straw Set – Multi Color

Americans use 500 million straws every single day. And they end up in our waterways, oceans and landfills after only one use. These stainless steel straws are a great reusable solution to disposable plastic straws for your morning coffee or tea, smoothies, pressed juice, etc. Made from high quality 18/8 stainless steel with a safe, food grade, removable silicone flex tip, the set also comes with a Straw Brush made of stainless steel and natural palm fiber bristles for easy cleaning. No more plastic – just your favorite drinks on the go.  (TIP: Next time you go for a beverage ask for “no straw” and spread the word!)

U Konserve Square Nesting Trio

U-Konserve is big on nesting storage containers that are ideal for takeout, sandwiches, salad bars and leftovers. Start bringing one of these with you when you frequent your favorite food truck, and maybe you’ll start a new trend! This three-in-one has movable and removable dividers and a leak-resistant lid. It’s a great non-toxic alternative to plastic containers.

U Konserve Insulated Food Jar

This stainless steel, leak-proof, insulated food jar keeps food hot or cold for hours! Pack soup or chili in the morning, and lunch will be steaming when you are ready to eat. Pack smoothies, pasta salad or yogurt and it stays cool until lunchtime. Similar to a thermos, insulated food jars are designed to keep the temperature you start with; pre-heated food stays hot up to 5 hours, and pre-chilled food keeps its cool up to 8 hours.

To-Go Ware RePEaT Utensil Set

Did you remember to pack a lunch but forget something to eat it with? Don’t resort to single use cutlery (or your hands!) and come prepared with To-Go Ware. This bamboo utensil set comes with a handy carabiner to clip and carry a fork, knife, spoon, and chopsticks wherever you may roam. These tools are sturdier and way more sustainable than plastic, making them a no brainer.

Bee’s Wrap Single Medium Wrap

The natural alternative to plastic wrap for food storage. Wrap cheese, fruit and veggies, a snack for your next adventure or cover a bowl of leftovers.  Made with organic cotton, beeswax, organic jojoba oil and tree resin. It’s washable, reusable, compostable, and beautiful!

Full Circle Scrap Collector and Freezer Compost Bin

Still iffy about the wild world of composting? This handy collector makes it easy to cut back on what you throw away. You scoop scraps into the bin and tuck it into the freezer (works in even the smallest apartment or dorm room)  until you’re ready to take them to your nearest collection center or out to your green bin! No mess, no odor.

Fluf Market Utility Tote

This 20 ounce natural canvas Utility Tote is the bag of bags. Outside, it lugs and hauls. It can be a market tote, a laundry bin, an overnight bag, a beach bag and a weekender. Your everyday carry-all.


Chico Reusable Shopping Tote

Carry around your zero waste accoutrements in this bag that can compact into a pouch the size of an orange for easy storage in your purse or pocket. You’ll never be without a reusable bag again! Replace single-use disposable items for shopping, travel, outdoor activities and more.

Ball Quart Mason Jar

A Mason jar is a must have zero waste item to take to fill with water, take to the grocery store for shopping in the bulk section, pack your salad for lunch or bring to a picnic filled with seasonal fruit!

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