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Annie’s Homegrown ‘Organic for Everybunny’ Campaign Illustrates the Importance of Real Food

Driving Positive Social Impact by Building a More Sustainable Organic Farm Economy

Annie’s makes some of our favorite (and most convenient!) products. For busy students on the go the Organic Chewy Granola Bars, Organic Frosted Oat Flakes Cereal, and Organic Macaroni & Cheese really can’t be beat. But they are doing more than making great tasting meals and snacks; at the core of the company is a mission to democratize organics — meaning increasing affordability and access to organic food because eating healthy shouldn’t be limited by zip code or socioeconomic status. Eating healthy organic food should be available to everyone.

Reaching this mission is not without obstacles, and among those are the current consumer perceptions surrounding organic food. A recent survey said:

• Only 23% of people believe they can afford to buy organic foods.
• Only 25% of people believe that organic versions of the foods my family loves are readily available at their grocery store.
• Only 31% of people think buying organic foods positively impact the environment.
• Only 34% of people believe that organic foods taste as good as conventional foods.

Luck for all of us, Annie’s sees this a big opportunity and as a major player in the organic industry they are poised to drive meaningful change. Annie’s is changing the organic food landscape by introducing more delicious and affordable certified organic products, as well as increasing distribution of certified organic products to more mainstream stores and schools everywhere. They are going beyond that to invest in the supply chain to support bigger business and more affordable price premiums to create accessibility to organic products for tens of millions of families.

Innovators like Annie’s Homegrown give us better food options while investing in programs that drive toward a more sustainable organic farm economy. And that’s exactly the kind of change we’re hungry for.

Now watch the video:

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