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Dr. Bronner’s Family Soapmakers Lead the Charge for Fair Pay

If it seems unusual to use soap labels to fight for social causes, that’s because Dr. Bronner’s is not a conventional company. In fact they never have been. In the 1940s Emanuel Bronner, a third generation master soap maker from Heilbronn, Germany, was traveling around the US on a speaking circuit, lecturing at schools and churches about a philosophy he called the Moral ABC. His message was a plea for peace, urging all “to realize our transcendent unity across religious and ethnic divides.” As humans, we need to share this “Spaceship Earth” as he liked to call it. When he realized that many attendees at his talks came to purchase his hand-made soap (but not to hear him speak), he did something clever. He printed his message on the soap labels.


Now, all these years later, grandchildren David, Lisa, and Michael Bronner, along with other family members, carry on the legacy. In the same spirit of ecological responsibility and unity, they’ve pioneered USDA certified organic personal care products, created Fair Trade projects around the world that ensure fair treatment of farmers, and contribute profits to worthwhile causes and charities. The label still features an inspiring amalgam of philosophy and quotes including some from the Moral ABC, as well as the company prayer, “In all we do, let us be generous, fair & loving to Spaceship Earth and all its inhabitants. For we’re All-One or None! All-One!” In the recent past, Dr. Bronner’s has used their labels to advocate for issues like GMO labeling and legalizing industrial hemp in the US. They’ve even been known to call themselves “the fighting soap company” because they “fight for and financially support causes (they) believe in.” Now, they’ve turned their attention to a very worthy cause — Fair Pay.

Watch this video from David Bronner –

Good For Business, Good For Us All

Today’s federal minimum wage has not been updated in the last 7 years, despite the rising cost of living — and fails to cover the basics for most families. In fact, the value of the minimum wage has fallen sharply over the past forty years. Extensive research indicates that raising minimum wage makes good business sense because it boosts consumer purchasing power, which puts money back into the economy. Paying a better wage clearly benefits employees, but it benefits businesses as well, because it translates to lower employee turnover and increased productivity. Dr. Bronner’s and hundreds of other businesses support raising the minimum wage to a living wage.

Here are Dr. Bronner’s Top 5 Reasons to Stand Up for Fair Pay Today —

1.) Helping the economy: Workers who earn more spend more, putting money back into the economy!

2.) Reducing income inequality: Workers will earn a greater share of the corporate profits that now go disproportionately to shareholders and top executives.

3.) Not leading to job losses: The most rigorous research shows that raising the minimum wage has no significant effect on employment.

4.) Boosting small businesses: When large corporations no longer pay poverty wages, it levels the playing field for smaller businesses who invest in their employees and communities.

5.) Ending corporate welfare: U.S. taxpayers are now bearing the cost for employers not paying a living wage – most minimum wage workers rely on public assistance to make ends meet.

Magic 18-in-1 Soap Has Countless Uses

They call it Magic Soap because it truly is multi-purpose; you can use it wash your body, wash your dog AND wash your dishes. In fact, Dr. Bronner’s claims it is 18-In-1 soap but fans have come up with countless more uses. Not only are they making amazing personal care products like soap, toothpaste, and lip balm, they are reinventing what a business can be. David Bronner says, “We see our company as a social engine, a vehicle for advancing and promoting positive change in the world.”

Get the Guide —> Fair Pay Today 2016 Pocket Guide to Raising the Minimum Wage

You can get involved by contacting your congressperson and telling them to pass the Pay Workers a Living Wage Act. Learn more at Business for a Fair Minimum Wage and The Fairness Project.

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