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A Glimpse of Project Green Challenge: Week 1

By Turning Green

WOW. It’s Day 7 of #PGC2016! The first week of this global challenge is almost behind us, and we wanted to recap some of the inspiration we have felt from the 4,000 participating student participants representing 50 states, 36 countries and 500 schools. Our Director of Happiness and PGC 2015 Champion, Missy Martin, has been posting daily questions to the PGC 2016 Participants Facebook group. Here’s one of them, which impressed and moved us with these powerful and reflective single-word responses ….

My PGC experience so far is eye-opening, empowering, impactful, enlightening, illuminating, inspiring, motivating, creative, encouraging, memorable, awakening…”

Screenshot 2016-10-07 14.33.16.png

PGC 2016 Challenge Grid

We’re watching a ripple effect of change unfold, and this change is not just seen in the words above but in the engaging submissions students have shared. Thousands of thoughtful pieces of content are uploaded each day from students creating ideas for solutions to ensure a healthy, just and thriving planet and future. Here is an inspirational and thought provoking spoken word poem from a student in the Netherlands that came in on Day 1 for the FOOTPRINT Challenge. It is called Untitled – Mother Nature by Mai Thai de Rijk. Here are her words:


A Still of Mai Thai de Rijk’s YouTube Video

What is your limit?
Is the thought of it so timid?
Are you the generation to destroy?
What we call home? Is this just any other toy?

Is it bad to be ashamed, of being a part of the human race?
Since when was climate change and the clock having a chase?
By the looks, it’s clear and we’re losing..

A heck of a lifestyle your choosing

Just toss your trash on to the floor,
“I’m really a good person” you swore,

You swore to be kind, you swore to love

But remember confessing and they once shrove

We promised to do no harm
Yet global warming is ticking like an alarm
The grass is greener on the other side
:Screw that: said carbon dioxide

Switch your lights off when you leave
Don’t lie, you don’t know, you’re not naïve

Just pick up your trash, it’s not that hard

Become earth’s little lifeguard

It takes only one small step at a time
It’s no mountain we’re trying to climb

Just remember mother nature takes care of you,

So why can’t you, just do that too.

Along with this powerful spoken word poem, we’ve seen an impassioned call to action around climate change from a student at Georgetown University, a thoughtful conversation between two University of Wisconsin students about organics and many more photos, video, essays and multi media presentations which can be viewed on our winners page and social channels daily.

Students created a FLOSN (fresh, local, organic, seasonal and non-GMO) meal for $4 or less per friend as part of the food challenge. 

These are just a few of the thousands of responses we received and read from week one of PGC. We can’t wait to see what will unfold over the next 21 days as we witness students lead with passion and purpose, empower each other to use their voices in unison and develop as catalysts for change – which the world needs right now, today, at every level. To the journey forward!

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