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UMass Amherst Hosts its First CCRT!

Written by Marina Qutab

On April 20th of 2016, UMass Amherst gathered student volunteers, faculty members, and the Sustainability Department to host their very first Conscious College Road Tour! Every year, Turning Green Organization, a Nonprofit located in the San Francisco Bay area, hosts a six-week fly/drive college tour aiming to inform, inspire, and mobilize students to transition their lives and school campuses from conventional to conscious. This year will be the 5th Annual Conscious College Road Tour featuring unique, interactive, hands-on learning for students.

UMASS3When I introduced the idea of UMass Amherst hosting a Conscious College Road Tour, my peers responded enthusiastically. As I finished presenting the Conscious College Road Tour video from last year to UMass Amherst’s vegan club, “P-NUT” I sat down hoping that by the end of the meeting a few students would come up to me and want to volunteer.  To my surprise, I had a line of five students all asking, “Where can I sign up?” 

UMASS1The knowledge my volunteers and I have gained while diving into Turning Green’s resources mobilized all of us to inspire our peers through this program, and show them how big of a difference they can make for our planet individually by shifting their lifestyles from conventional to conscious living. This sentiment alone of changing the world with a simple lifestyle change is so powerful.


marinaMarina is an undergraduate at The University of Massachusetts Amherst pursuing a double major in Communication and Arabic. She is also completing the Interdepartmental Program in Film Studies. Marina grew up in the rural town of Rutland, Massachusetts. From a very young age, she dreamed of using her creativity and passion for the environment to build a conscious, sustainable world. In her free time she enjoys organic vegan cooking, making music, blogging, exploring in nature, volunteering, and learning about world cultures. Marina was Project Green Challenge 2015 2nd Place Winner.
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