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A Memorable CCRT Stop at Gonzaga University

By Carrie Herrman

On March 22nd Gonzaga had its first ever Conscious College Road Tour experience and it was a HUGE success. We set up that morning with great anticipation and a curiosity about how our fellow Zags would receive our message. They came in hoards that afternoon, lining up to go through the conscious information stations, headed by their peers and friends, and learning a ton about how to live sustainably. One of the most amazing things about this event was just how achievable it made sustainability seem to the everyday student, letting them know that living simply doesn’t have to be a huge sacrifice and the rewards are a healthier life, community, and planet.

We had a whole host of student volunteers come out of the woodwork to help out with the CCRT, and groups like G.E.O. (Gonzaga Environmental Organization), the Office of Sustainability employees, and E.A.T. (Ethical Awareness Together) were pivotal in pulling everything off. The range of club and organization representation really made for a dynamic group of volunteers that were able to make everything happen in a way that showed their fellow students that this was something really important and–in a social norming kind of way–that this was something Gonzaga as a whole, was very much in line with.  

The evening Town Hall meeting was similarly successful and we had an amazing turn out with a lot of new faces, which isn’t something easy to do at a small school like ours. We chowed down on some satisfying Chipotle and brainstormed ideas about how to make a real change here at Gonzaga. One of the greatest take-aways was the idea of greening orientation.


Since the CCRT left our campus, we’ve been working very hard to continue on with the momentum it provided us. The conscious College Road Tour kind of stoked the fire of sustainability in the hearts and minds of many engaged students and has given us renewed fervor with which we’ve been tackling many of the propositions from the Town Hall meeting.

We hope that in the coming years the CCRT will come back to Gonzaga and continue to experience and be a part of the change our University undergoes. We’re a great school with strong values and we’re excited to see just how we can leverage those to enact more sustainability initiatives in the years to come!


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