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Go Zero Waste for Earth Day and Every Day


By Chelsea Carey

A recent study by the US Environmental Protection Agency identifies that the average American produces 4.4lbs of waste per day! However, throwing away trash isn’t truly out of sight out of mind! Instead, the items you throw into garbage cans throughout the day will continue to exist in landfills, oceans, beaches, and our communities. Our ecosystem and overall personal health and wellness are threatened by the paper coffee cups, plastic grocery bags, junk mail, and plastic water bottles we disregard on a daily basis!

“the average American produces 4.4lbs of waste per day”

Thankfully there are many simple alternatives that can reduce waste and promote sustainability! It’s as easy as the 5Rs: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rot!


source: recypet.ch/urrc

Refuse to buy and use products that are not recycled or reusable. Reduce your buying habits to the essentials. Reuse the items you consume. Recycle what you cannot refuse and reuse. Lastly, Rot and compost all organic waste.


source: rodalesorganiclife.com

Just think: by taking simple steps such as using reusable containers like travel mugs and reusable water bottles you can eliminate 11.13lbs of paper and 3.61lbs of plastic from entering our landfills and polluting our ecosystems!


Klean Kanteen makes beautiful, durable reusables! source: Klean Kanteen

Check out the Turning Green Zero Waste Pinterest board for more inspiration and advice on achieving a lifestyle with the minimal waste contribution:


Chelsea Carey is a rising senior at Gonzaga University. She is pursuing a degree in Operations & Supply Chain Management and International Business as well as a minor in Spanish. After graduation, Chelsea hopes to pursue a career in sustainable apparel and production manufacturing.

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