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Announcing: PGC 2015 Finalists!

Team 50 Shades of Green

International School of Almere Almere, Netherlands

What FIVE words would best describe your PGC 2015 experience?Exciting, Inspiring, Motivating, Activating and Social

“PGC made us discover, and encounter environmental problems in a fun and educational way. PGC made me improve my team work and social skills. Especially the Starbucks petition, it made me speak up to complete strangers; something I had never done before.”

“In one month, I have learned so much about the world. PGC was like an additional subject, learning about life and the impacts of the things we do, to nature and human health. It is incredible, to think back and realize that my knowledge expanded heavily – more than any other subject taught me in one month.”

Team AMEnvironment

Jericho High School

What FIVE words would best describe your PGC 2015 experience?   Eye-opening, inspiring, memorable, challenging, and incomparable

“One major change we’ve integrated, is eating primarily organic foods! Prior to this challenge, this was of little concern to us, after all, if it’s on the shelf, it must have been approved to be there right? And if it was approved it must be okay to eat right? We’ve actually learned about the true nature of many companies, and how manipulative they are when selling products. Distinguishing between authentic organic and faux organic products is actually a challenge in itself. To avoid potentially harmful components of conventional foods, like GMOs, as well as the concerns addressed in other individual challenges throughout the month, we’ve made the official switch to organic products. This includes a plethora of resources that we use in our daily lives, including personal care products, foods, cleaning products, etc.”

Claire August

George Washington University

What FIVE words would best describe your PGC 2015 experience? Ripple, Inspired, Committed, Conscious, and Hope

“Project Green Challenge took my knowledge of environmental subjects, expanded on it, propelled me to action, and helped me share what I learned with friends and acquaintances in creative ways so that they could also take action. I knew there would be a large social media presence involved, and I was excited to share my experiences on Twitter and Facebook. But I was nervous about doing so on my precious Instagram- I love to fill my account with pictures of pretty landscapes, buildings, and flowers. Who knew that I would actually gain followers as a result of Project Green Challenge and one of my posts relating to the challenge would earn me the most amount of likes I’ve ever gotten? It was also so cool to follow the #PGC2015 hashtag and see what my fellow students were doing, and how Project Green Challenge was making a visible difference in the world.”

Team Gators

Greenwich Academy

What FIVE words would best describe your PGC 2015 experience?Inspiring, galvanizing, fun, life-changing, passionate

“Knowing more about the people who make my clothes, the farmers that harvest my food, the Senators that are working on a hemp or personal care products bill, the dining services staff that care about the cleaning products, the grounds staff that are working for pollinator-friendly habitats on my campus — I feel more interconnected to the people and world around me and inspired to do my part.”

Marina Qutab

University of Massachusetts Amherst

What FIVE words would best describe your PGC 2015 experience?Motivational, Inspirational, Rewarding, Educational, Emotional

“I am exactly where I need to be. If I keep going on the road to conscious living, I will surely change the world in small ways every single day. I’ve also learned that I am determined and nothing is going to stop me from changing the world. This 30 day journey has not been easy, but because I am so motivated and passionate about addressing global issues, no obstacle can knock me down.”

Kendra Zhang

Jericho High School

What FIVE words would best describe your PGC 2015 experience?inspiring, empowering, learning, teaching, aware

“My school’s food system isn’t transparent, so until I know exactly where my food is coming from, I’m responsible for packing my own organic and vegan lunch, bringing my reusable silverware utensils, and reusing cloth lunch bags and napkins. My peers, seeing me make changes in my own lifestyle, want to join me in being sustainable. We care about preserving the earth.”

Julie Polaski

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

What FIVE words would best describe your PGC 2015 experience?Enlightening, Interesting, Fun, Educational, Rewarding

“Since that challenge I have been slowly swapping out my make up, shampoos, conditioners, soaps, lotions, perfumes, etc. for more green and less toxic products. I have also signed quite a few petitions to stop having these toxins in our body care products. I was also shocked to learn about the toxics in our everyday products such as my bed sheets! You spend a third of your life in your bed and for your sheets to contribute to health problems is completely ridiculous. After learning that from the space challenge I have invested in 100% organic cotton sheets and have never slept better!”

Team Greatful Deadheaders

University of Arkansas

What FIVE words would best describe your PGC 2015 experience?     Fun, Sustainable, Profound, Educational, Life-changing

“During the challenge month we were more conscious of our resource usage and carbon footprints so we made some changes to our electricity usage. Since the weather is fantastic in the Ozark Mountains during October, we turned the AC off and just opened the windows for almost the whole month. Our electricity bill dropped from $55 to $28 and our kilowatt-hour consumption was cut in half! We could not have been more excited, as PGC participants and as conscious-living individuals, to see such a change.”

Team April 5

A.W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts

What FIVE words would best describe your PGC 2015 experience?       We need transparency in labels.

“We felt the power of our words and our actions. In what some might call an epiphany and project green challengers might call a simple challenge, we decided to change our school’s dining plan. As our most ambitious endeavor, it has taken hours of work to craft a plan that the county will hopefully approve despite the strong support our school has shown for our ideas.”

Reilly Reynolds

Ohio Wesleyan University

What FIVE words would best describe your PGC 2015 experience?Inspirational, Challenging, Life-changing, Humbling, Beautiful!

“I was reminded of how much I love to have my hands full of dirt, and how wonderful it is to eat foods grown within walking or biking distance of your home. I learned that I really love to lead others, and that I want to continue being a leader and a teacher for my whole life.”

“To say that I learned a lot this month is not even the tip of the iceberg. In some very important ways, I’ve transformed. I’ve started looking deliberately at my actions, and noting ways in which I can be the change, even if it will take time and sacrifices.”

Missy Martin

Belmont University

What FIVE words would best describe your PGC 2015 experience?Empowering, Meaningful, Life-changing, Moving, and Community

“I am a driven, passionate global citizen who wants to develop ideas, mobilize others, and change the world in the best way that I can. The daily overviews, challenges, and resources served as way to begin to accomplish all three of these areas. Each day I thought critically, met and talked to amazing people, and reflected on the theme. I learned how to make videos and a Pinterest board for the first time, met and talked with administrators, and made beautiful connections with inspiring community leaders.”

Megan Phelps

Mt. Everest Academy

What FIVE words would best describe your PGC 2015 experience?impassioning, emboldening, powerful, genuine, compassion

“Throughout PGC, I realized that environmentalism isn’t about personal gains from eco-friendly living. It is about people who are affected, in their everyday lives, by environmental degradation. By doing the challenges every day, I connected with the true meaning of sustainable living: a way of living that promotes the welfare of all beings on the planet.”

Valeria Frolova

Temple University

What FIVE words would best describe your PGC 2015 experience?Empowering, eye-opening, challenging, life-changing, unforgettable

“The whole experience as a PGC participant made me do things that I had never done before in my life. For example, I managed to conduct a great interview with the owner of a sustainable Restaurant, even though I was so nervous I thought could faint. I had great conversations with farmers discussing the importance of sustainable agriculture. I excluded 95% of meat from my diet and as a result discovered new food, like lentils, which are a great source of protein.”

Tracey WIngate

Skidmore College

What FIVE words would best describe your PGC 2015 experience?Growth, perseverance, connections, happiness, sustainability

“Before PGC, I didn’t think there was anything else I could do to make my lifestyle more environmentally friendly. Boy was I wrong! I now know that I can save the environment by choosing specific cleaning products, cosmetics, foods, clothing, furniture, etcetera. As I have completed the PGC challenges and started doing things differently in more sustainable ways, people have also started to notice and ask questions. I now have the knowledge and confidence I need to answer these questions and further promote positive lifestyle changes!”

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