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Outspoken: Students on Sustainable Food

Project Green Challenge 2015 is in high gear! We have been overwhelmed and amazed by what participants are submitting each day. Here are some highlights from the #food challenge on October 3rd and 4th…

“FLOSN – An acronym that stands for fresh, local, organic, seasonal and non­GMO. It represents the unwavering commitment to nourish students with healthy, ethically sourced, sustainably grown food.” – 61 Percent, Rock Canyon High School
#EcoFeast by PGC 2015 participant, @Zee_Kay7

#EcoFeast by PGC 2015 participant, @Zee_Kay7

“The choices a farmer makes – their production methods, their labor practices, and the ingredients they use – define the farmer’s own value systems. When you buy food from a farmer, you’re buying the farmer’s values.” – Alaina, Skidmore College

“The 100 mile diet is a challenge to only eat food grown within 100 miles of your home. It can greatly reduce one’s carbon footprint and create an awareness of where your food is coming from. It also encourages people to eat foods within season.” – Julia, Northwest High School
“@turninggreenorg As a person who goes to great lengths to make sure the food I buy is organic, I was shocked to learn the concept of ‘foodmiles’ today. Just my breakfast smoothie alone traveled a total of more than 7,000 miles to me. Be conscious folks, look at that label before you buy your food. #100milediet#locavore#PCG2015#FLOSN.” – Team Amy’s, Amy’s Kitchen
“Eating food from a farm-to-table restaurant supports the climate change movement and the food is also most likely healthier and better for you. We should all try to do something, whether it be small or big, to improve our world.” – Joyce, Poolesville High School
“Restaurants that offer the farm-to-table service oftentimes update their menus more frequently than do regular restaurants due to the changing climates and popular seasons for various fruits and vegetables.” – Ashley, Perkiomen Valley High School
“I learned most importantly that this movement helps to form a strong bond between the earth’s health our community by emphasizing and displaying the direct relationship between the farm and the participating restaurants. So inspiring!” – Greenwich Academy
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