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PGC 2015: Guide to Success!

Project Green Challenge 2015 is just a few weeks away so we thought we’d share some tips for success from some very well qualified past participants!

Time Management + Planning

Schedule time in your day to work on the challenge. Read the prompt first thing in the morning and then plan out when you will get it done. I told my family and close friends about it so they were always supporting me, or at least be mindful that I was working on it each day. Ultimately I think what really made it a great experience was treating the challenge as an opportunity to transform my lifestyle instead of taking one challenge at a time (even though that is how it is presented).” – Preeth Srinivasaraghavan, New York University, PGC Participant 2013

“Reading the challenge at the start of each day gave me and my team time to think over the challenge and all of the content.” – Alice Beittel, UC Davis, PGC Finalist 2012

“Just as you would set aside time to hang out with friends, set aside time to do PGC. (or better yet, do PGC with friends!!) You’d be surprised by how productive and how much work you can get done in a day!” – Jenny Fang, Claremont McKenna College, PGC Finalist 2014

Work In a Team

Working as a team is also super beneficial. We had four people and would split up the challenge levels so three people would have a challenge level and one person had a day off. Everyday it would rotate. If one of us had a big test, that person would do green or have a day off.” – Alice Beittel 

Seek Support!

“Tell your friends what you’re up to and get motivation from their support. To me, it would’ve been super easy to give up if my friends weren’t checking in on me the whole time, encouraging me and helping me with my challenges!” – Emi LaFountain, Rice University, PGC Finalist 2014

“Talk to friends, family or just people you know about what you are learning in a positive way. It’s always healthy to share information and knowledge. I’m sure you will always get a lot of support and interest from them! Doing that made it easier for me to process everything and have a great time while doing so.” – Ana María Zabala Gómez, Colegio Rochester, Bogota CO, PGC 2014 Champion

Start up conversations with your teachers, your friends, your parents, everyone! The challenges seemed fruitless until I started talking to more people about what I was learning. Then it became exciting; I couldn’t wait to learn more and share it with others.” – Hope Dolce, AW Dreyfuss School of the Arts, PGC 2014 Finalist

Take it Seriously

“I treated it like another class (this only really works for the college students). You feel like you’re working towards some big project, but you can still give yourself a day off when you need to.”– Charlie Cevallos, George Washington University, PGC 2014 Finalist 

“I’m very competitive, so I made it into a competition with myself, and challenged myself to do as much or more as I did the day before.” – Kate Oetheimer, Skidmore College, PGC 2014 Finalist

But Not Too Seriously…

“Have fun with it! Don’t take yourself too seriously or get stressed – it’s supposed to be fun!”– Catherine Merritt, Virginia Tech University, PGC 2014 Finalist

Haven’t sign up yet? Sign up today and change your life for the greener, like these folks did!

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