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Senate to Consider a Bill to Keep Consumers in the DARK

Our TG Student Advisory Board President and Junior at Ohio State, Megan Fuerst, wrote the following letter on behalf of her generation to all United States Senators. Our goal is to mobilize every person that we can to call tell their Senators that they demand their Right to Know. We are strongly urging them not to consider The Dark Act in any way, shape or form. Please watch The TG DARK Act video, become informed, share it with your world Call Your Senators TODAY1-877-796-1949.

“Dear Honorable United States Senators,

Hi, my name is Megan Fuerst. I am a junior at Ohio State University and I am the President of the Turning Green Student Advisory Board, a non-profit organization that represents thousands of young sustainability leaders from colleges across the country. I am one of the 9 out of 10 Americans who support GMO labeling. I am writing on behalf of our campaign members and my generation to ask you to oppose The Dark Act. How are we being taught that due process is the way to make change if our legislators are representing their own special interest and  taking away states and local rights to label and regulate genetically engineered crops.

“How are you able to ignore the 9 out of 10 Americans who support GMO Labeling.”

I and the members of my generation were born into a GMO world without consent. We are eating GMO food without being told. We are being greatly impacted by the elevation in massively toxic pesticides that are being used on GMO crops as are our farmers and workers. This law if passed will harm family farmers and it will undermine local rights of consumers to know what is in our food. It will harm me and my entire generation, your children and grandchildren and our future! Please protect farmers, states rights and my right to know and OPPOSE The Dark Act. Let me know that you are with us, protecting us, and looking out for our future. Please let me know that you are opposing The Dark Act.

Thank you.”

Call your Senators today at 1-877-796-1949.

Sample script for calls: “Hello. I’m a constituent and I care about my right to know what’s in the food I eat. I want my Senator to vote NO on any bill that would take away mandatory labeling for GMO foods.

*Though the long-term effects of GM foods on human health are still unknown, the short-term impacts are frightening. Increased rates of autism, allergies, cancer, Non-Hodgkins lymphoma, and other mental and physical health effects have all been linked to GM food consumption in recent studies. Additionally, the commonly used pesticides and herbicides on GM crops are scientifically proven to have deleterious impacts on human and environmental health.

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