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TG Visits Aubrey Organics HQ

Earlier this week I had the esteemed pleasure of flying to Tampa, Florida with our Director/Founder  Judi Shils and co-founder Erin Schrode, to visit Aubrey Organics headquarters at the invitation of their incredible president, Priscilla DeFrancesco.

Our first morning at Aubrey we presented our new Conventional to Conscious: A Day in the Life program to their entire staff, all about conscious living. We walked them through four key lifestyle categories: Body, (a category in which they excel) Clean, Waste, and Food.


In each category we examined conventional products, dissected their ingredients and then presented a conscious alternative. We offered actionable challenges and suggestions for changing habits along with resources to help their transition from conventional to conscious choices and practices.

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 8.02.31 PM


I had a blast talking to the Aubrey staff following our presentation. Many employees have been with the company for years, even decades! They undeniably take pride in their work and the products that Aubrey puts out into our world looking after our health and well being as well as that of the planet.

One individual whose integrity permeates the entire company is Aubrey’s CEO, Priscilla DeFrancesco. Her warmth and pride for the entire operation is obvious and  absolutely warranted.

After our presentation, we toured their entire facility. Aubrey actually formulates, manufactures and packages all of their products, in house! This is so rare and SO exciting to get an inside look into.

IMG_7864 Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 3.51.17 PM

Another member of the wonderful Aubrey team is Krupa Koastline, Director of Research and Development.

Before we left, I got to sit down with Krupa and ask her some questions…

Q+A Krupa Koastline from Aubrey Organics


TG: Why are you so dedicated to formulating safe, non-toxic personal care products?

KK: “After working at companies like Neutrogena, I had to question everything. I had to look at the backs of bottles to see what was in these products. The people who work at Neutrogena have to wear masks and pregnant women aren’t even allowed to work. They must know that the things their putting in their products are harmful.

TG: What’s your greatest vision?  

KK:“I hope for a world where we can trust companies so much that we don’t need to turn the bottle around and look at the ingredients on the labels.”

TG: What’s the first step when you want to develop a new product?

KK: “I look at competitors and think about more natural ways to create products for those uses. Let’s say I want to make a facial spot treatment. I would start with essential oils like Tea Tree and something like Witch Hazel. Then I would need to dilute it and combine it with something like alcohol, which will preserve the oils and dry out blemishes. It’s like cooking! You try a recipe until you get it right. And if you’re a good cook, you figure it out.

TG: What is your favorite Aubrey Organics product?

KK: “I haven’t created it yet.“

Well, It’s safe to say I’ll be thrilled to try that product when she does! We had such a wonderful trip and are more honored then ever to call Aubrey Organics our partner as we journey forward together to change the world.


Change the World. Please + Thank You.               – Jenna xx

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  1. Eha Vakkermann on said:

    Reblogged this on Waku Organics and commented:
    Nuorten järjestö Teens Turning Green on perustettu yhdysvalloissa jo 10 vuotta sitten. Järjestön tavoitteena on kertoa nuorille turvallisemmasta kosmetiikasta ja ympäristöratkaisuista.
    Järjestön nuoret vierailivat viime viikolla Aubreyllä.
    Lue lisää, mitä he oppivat Aubrey tuotteista ja yrityksen arvoista

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