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Project Green Dorm: Bath + Body

You might be thinking: how do I reduce, reuse recycle in my bathroom routine?

But, from the products we use to the amount of time we keep the faucet on, there are countless ways to make your bathroom routine  more sustainable, and what better time to make the change than while starting college? Let’s break it down…


Let’s start with body products. Believe it or not, in the US there is very little regulation on what chemicals and ingredients can be used in a personal care product. What’s worse? Labeling of these unregulated ingredients isn’t enforced either. Many of the products that line our pharmacy aisles and fill shower caddies contain toxic chemicals and known carcinogens such as synthetic fragrances, parabens, and phthalates! Did you know your skin actually absorbs over 60% of anything that is applied to it?

With this in mind, there are a growing number of companies that DO have your back, even though the USDA might not. Our partners Acure, Aubrey, EO, Desert Essence, Dr. Bronner’s, and Juice Beauty all provide ethical, clean and truly natural alternatives. In addition, there are many simple DIY recipes out there for body care at home.

Now that we’ve covered what goes on your body, here are a few other bathroom necessities we can all think about in a new way…


Many freshman bathrooms are set up to accommodate more people than you were probably used to at home. Shower shoes and a shower caddy are two reliable ways to keep your routine clean and organized. If you don’t have a pair of flip-flops laying around at home, Feelgoodz flip-flops are they’re made from natural rubber and mold to your feet.  For your shower caddy look for something made of bamboo or recycled materials. Those two materials are also great for other products such as combs, hairbrushes, and toothbrushes. For shaving, materials like stainless steel are ideal!

Speaking of sustainable materials… let’s not forget items like towels! If you need a new set, look for towels and bathmats made of fibers like organic cotton or bamboo. Buying organic linens assures that you aren’t drying off with pesticides (no thanks!) and that the impact of growing those fibers had minimal impact on our environment and precious natural resources.

Our last tip for greening your bathroom routine applies to water conservation. While this might happen out of necessity due to college realities like a shower line, shortage of hot water, or maybe you’re just late for class, there are a number of other reasons to limit unnecessary water usage. Water conservation is really easy as long as you remember to do it.  Actions like turning the sink off while brushing your teeth, timing your showers, and washing your hands in cold water rather than letting the water run while it warms up are all important practices to incorporate in your new routine

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