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Project Green Dorm: Bed

You’re probably familiar with the benefits of eating organic food, but a lot of that same goodness also applies to buying organic cotton linens.

The words college and sleep are often talked about in the same sentence but usually in regards to lack of sleep: late night study sessions, all nighters writing papers, staying out on weekends, and early rising for that one dreaded 8am class. But, since dorms are such small quarters, most of us students actually spend a lot of time in bed … studying, reading and watching movies even though we’re not getting our full eight hours. Due to the chaos of college life, getting to crawl under that cozy comforter without worrying about your alarm going off in the morning is a precious experience.

Since sleep is so important, then too is the bedding you lay on for eight hours…(or three hours)…a night. What most people don’t know is that conventional mattresses are full of harmful chemicals like Formaldehyde, pesticides and even flame-retardants.

Here’s what you can do:

Fortunately, there are organic and toxin-free alternatives. While you can’t always swap out your dorm mattress, buying a thick organic pillow topper for your mattress can be found at either Naturepedic or Earthsake and that will create a barrier between you and those chemicals – a smart alternative.

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 10.59.04 AM

While getting a good mattress pad or topper is really important, what you might be more concerned with is your actual sheets, blankets, pillows etc! Choosing organic cotton or bamboo bedding reduces the use of pesticides and is good for you, the planet, and the people that produce them. The Company Store has a great selection of eco-friendly duvets and sheets. From personal experience I know that their sheets are cute and cozy. I think I sleep better with the organic peace of mind! Our go-to for pillows are Naturepedic made from organic cotton, kapok and wool. The Company Store and Naturepedic partnered with us to deck out the eleven eco-dorms at George Washington University this summer!

Our Project Green Dorm (PGD) resources including our Checklist and Pinterest boards also feature bedding from Under the Canopy and PB Teen, and bringing an extra set of sheets from home is always a great way to use what you have and not buy new! With all of the PGD resources at your fingertips you’re ready to make your space sustainable and inspire your friends to do the same!

Sweet organic dreams!

Tell us what you are doing to green your dorm and be entered to win a Back to School Conscious Collection (coming soon).
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