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The most delicious rescue…

Sunday mornings are my absolutely favorite time of week. Why? That’s when I get to stroll the aisles of my beautifully abundant (heavenly) local farmer’s market. I’ve been visiting the market since I was a kid, tagging along with my mom, begging for honey sticks and fresh bread rolls to munch on as she grabbed all the items on her shopping list. But now as an adult, shopping for myself, with a keen awareness of just how fortunate I am to be surrounded by local produce, dairy, and so much more, those Sunday mornings at the farmer’s market is sacred time for me. IMG_4612 One of the major perks of shopping at the farmer’s market is that you can buy the freshest local produce, right form the arms of the farmers who raised them and often save money, all at once. Yesterday I went with a group of co-workers (#TGSummerInterns) to the Tomatero Farm stand at the market. We spotted a box of blemished tomatoes they couldn’t sell and asked about them. Heirloom tomatoes are a variety characterized by their sweetness and unique color and shape (they are not all bright red and perfectly round.) Tomatero Farms is located in Watsonville CA and sells fresh, local, organic, seasonal and Non-GMO (FLOSN) produce of all kinds at the market. All of our eyes lit up at the full box of delicious tomato potential. However, this type of trade is not special to my local market. A supermarket giant in France has launched a campaign called ‘Inglorious Fruits & Vegetables,’ selling imperfect produce at a 30 percent discount. There might already be opportunities to purchase ‘ingloriously’ where you shop everyday- just ask! So let’s fight food waste with recipes like this one: IMG_7511 IMG_7512

Here is our recipe for ‘Rejected’ Tomato Soup…


1 dozen ‘Rejected’ heirloom  tomatoes

1/3 cup fresh chopped organic basil

4 cloves organic garlic

1 Tbsp. organic dried oregano

1 Tsp. organic herbes de provence

Organic sea salt + pepper


Organic extra virgin olive oil

Grated organic parmesan cheese


Begin by dicing all your tomatoes. Cautiously cut around bruises and scars with a sharp paring knife and compost all inedible bits. Next, peel and halve garlic cloves. Combine tomatoes garlic and basil in a large pot and let simmer for 15-20 minutes at medium heat until mixture is warm throughout and tomatoes start to deconstruct. Add remaining seasonings, stir and remove soup from heat.

Let soup cool on your stove top for about 25 minutes. Once the soup is a safe temperature, use an immersion blender to combine ingredients. This should only take less than a minute. I recommend leaving a few pieces tomato, basil and garlic whole for some nice texture in you soup. Once your soup has been blend to your preference, place you pot back on the stove at low heat.

Simmer with no lid for about 20 minutes. As it simmers, some liquid will evaporate, leaving a richer, heartier soup. Once it has reached your desired temperature, season to your taste, then plate servings with a drizzle of olive oil, a sprinkling of grated parmesan and maybe an additional sprig of basil! This is a great dish to start off a lighter summer meal or to sip by the campfire. This recipe would also be wonderful chilled and enjoyed as a gazpacho! FullSizeRender-1

Change the World. Please and Thank You!           – Jenna xx

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