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Project Green Dorm Kickoff, Fall 2015

The start of each school year brings new excitement, ambitions and expectations. For college students, our new living space, our roommates and our self expression are a BIG part of that. Whether preparing to start your first year of college, getting ready to head back to those all too familiar campus dorms, or moving into your first apartment off campus, now is a great time to take a new approach to when sprucing up your space and getting settled in. That’s why we are launching Project Green Dorm 2015. 


While often tempted to opt for dorm essentials and furnishings based on what’s cheap, convenient, and usually disposable, (because let’s face it, we’re college students) it’s important to remember that there are plenty of eco-alternatives, and many of them can actually help you save! Not only can you turn towards ethical brands and products, but you can always reduce your impact by bringing extra items from home, sharing things with roommates, buying second-hand, and trying out some DIYs. I love stopping in thrift stores when I come across them, and last summer I found a great tapestry for decoration. It was unique because it wasn’t like anything my friends would find and a LOT cheaper than if I’d found it in a more conventional store. In terms of sharing, my roommate and I share everything, from our vacuum to our stapler. And of course, DIYs are a great way to fill some free time, get the creative juices flowing and make something that is truly your own. Get creative!

For the next six weeks we will be bringing you fully-loaded how-to’s to make this year your greenest ever. Project Green Dorm (PGD) provides countless ways to rethink your back to school necessities and outlines practical means to reduce your footprint. We have broken it all up into twelve lifestyle categories, each accompanied by a Pinterest board full of information, tips, and curated suggestions for your transition. In addition, our PGD Checklist features the utmost eco dorm essentials, from fair trade and organic to zero waste. We aspire to excite students to transition their lives from conventional to conscious.

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 12.28.15 PMIn addition to our numerous online resources, this summer we curated eleven dorm rooms in each of The George Washington University’s freshman residence halls.  As the 5,000 students of GW’s class of 2019 pass through the campus for orientation, they will tour these rooms, decked out with all the sustainable items found on the PGD Checklist. Adorned in organic cotton bedding, toxin free body products, and zero waste stainless steel food containers these rooms are great inspiration for conscious living and a reminder that there isn’t just one way to get ready to go back to school. We are extremely proud to showcase organic cotton bedding from The Company Store, baskets and bins from The Container Store, water bottles and food containers from Klean Kanteen, affordable snacks from Amy’s Kitchen and body products from Acure, Dr. Bronner’s, and Aubrey, among many more.DSC_0238


DSC_0332Project Green Dorm and the resources within are all here for YOU. Make sure to check back for more #BackToSchool resources next week. Leave a reply below to let us know which topics you want to learn more about.

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