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Our Wonderful Nation-wide Interns:

Having our office buzzing with interns during the summer is something we all look forward to. Coming together each day to put our heads together and change the world is a great honor. However we would not be able to pursue all of our initiatives without the powerful group of young professionals we worth with remotely. They enable us to be in places we might not be able to reach without their influence. Last week we introduced you to our office team, and now we’d like to spotlight some of our interns working hard, from all over the country…

Haylee Gongloff

Haylee Haylee is a senior at Virginia Tech, with a double Major in International Studies with a Business Concentration, and Spanish. Haylee is also Minoring in Business Leadership. This summer is interning with Turning Green as Prize Curator and The Nature Conservancy in Arlington, VA. Haylee has a passion for studying other cultures and traveling. She follows a mostly vegan diet and loves cooking plant-based whole-food dishes. Personal health and the health of the environment are extremely important to Haylee. After she graduates, she hopes to work in a capacity that allows her to improve the overall health and lives of others and the environment. She tells us…

“I am most excited about working on creating tons of new and exciting prize packages for PGC 2015! I love learning about new companies that are producing environmentally friendly products, and sharing them with other people. Most of all I’m looking forward to learning everything I can about how a non profit operates, especially with regards to it’s international efforts.”

Shradha MenghrajanShradha

Shradha is a rising senior at Mission San Jose High School. Ardent about global sustainability efforts, Shradha’s passions lie particularly in topics of biodiversity and climate change. She tells us…

 “This summer, I’m most excited about Green Styled Curating because I’m all about creativity and resourcefulness; I love re-purposing existing materials and fashioning new ones from the old! The way I look at it, regardless of the millions of social issues, political issues, economic issues, personal issues that arise, the wellbeing of our planet extends far beyond the scope of any other imaginable issue. Without a healthy planet to live on, we, as human beings, wouldn’t even be here today! I feel that as a species that thrives on this planet, we all have a moral and ethical responsibility to heal our planet to the best of our ability.”

Lianne Chu

LianneLianne is currently a freshman in San Leandro High School. She first found out about Turning Green from another intern and thought, “why not be involved to make this world a better place?” Now Lianne strives to improve planet Earth, one step at a time. She tells us…

“I am most excited about working on new ways people can live their lives so the planet can be greener. Sometimes I forget to do the small things such as recycle or turn off the lights, but those things make a big impact on the present and future. I would love to change the way people think of sustainability.”

Jessica Ainslie

JessJessica Ainslie was born and raised in the small town of Waimea on the Big Island of Hawaii and will be attending Claremont McKenna College as a freshmen in the fall. While attending high school she was largely involved in independent science research in the campus’ LEED Platinum energy lab, specifically in social sciences and how human relationships affect the environment.  Her projects have included Skype presentations to Dutch primary schools on the five gyres and environmental campus redesigns.  She is currently working with the NAIS to examine how independent schools across the nation are implementing environmental curriculum.  Jessica was a Project Green Challenge Finalist in 2013 and has worked previously with the Turning Green family. She tells us…

“I am really excited on working on Project Green Challenge and the challenge building process.  I know that PGC had such a huge effect on me so I’m excited to be a part of this years!  It really does impact peoples lives and that’s a great feeling to have when you’re working towards something. I wish to “Change the World” this summer by tackling GMOs in my state!  I think we’re so close to limiting them here in Hawaii, and I want this summer to be the tipping point.  I’m excited to work on the topic and speak passionately about it to my community members.”

Becca Goffe

BeccaBecca is an Environment, Economy, Development, and Sustainability major at The Ohio State University with a specialization in Sustainability Business. She is very passionate about the environment and believes that she is making a difference through her schoolwork and extra curricular activities. She tells us…

“I am so excited to be a part of outreach. I know that it is one of the most important aspects of Turning Green. I already am a strong advocate for sustainability in my home town (Columbus, OH) and I love having the opportunity to reach out to many others around the world! I have a great feeling about PGC this year and that it will be a huge success! I hope to ‘Change the World’ by opening people eyes, minds and hearts to the environmental issues we are facing today as well as help them understand that even the smallest actions count to create change.”

Summer Sherrod

SummerSummer attends the University of Arkansas, where she is studying Horticulture with a minor in Sustainability. After a life-threatening illness ended her budding career at the United States Naval Academy, Summer became dedicated to practicing a conscious lifestyle. Now she avoids processed food to her best abilities and strives for a zero waste lifestyle. Right now she acts as president of the Student Sustainability Club on campus, works for the local farmer’s market, and interns for the university’s Office of Sustainability and a local waste management company dedicated to waste aversion and diversion. She tells us…

“I am most excited to work on the Freshman Green Project this summer. Getting new students acclimated with a university’s existing sustainability plans, goals and measures is instrumental to getting them involved in it all. By reaching students before they ever set foot on campus and educating them about sustainability, responsible consumerism and conscious living we can give them the tools to lead an eco-friendly college life before they ever even have the chance to fail.”

Missy Martin

MissyMissy is a sophomore at Belmont University, pursuing a double major in Environmental Science and Social Entrepreneurship with a minor and concentration in Public Relations and Contemporary Social Issues, respectively.  Missy expresses her passion for environmental and food justice through her involvement in the speech and debate team where she has competed nationally with a poetry program emphasizing food deserts.  She is also the project manager of Cultivate, Belmont University’s student-run garden, which exists to provide the Belmont and Nashville community with sustainable agricultural options while encouraging individuals to take an active role in their food choices. She tells us…

“I am excited about working on the Conscious Kitchen project. Being able to help alleviate food deserts is one of my passions. This year I competed nationally with a poetry piece on food deserts for my university’s speech and debate team. This summer will be a great way to extend my pursuit to inform people on this issue. It will be great to see how everything connects. I wish to change the world by raising awareness of how many people do not have access to affordable, fresh, and healthy food.”
See our full list of interns here.
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