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Meet our Summer Intern Team: TG Headquarters

We are thrilled to introduce our marvelous team of thirty (yes, thirty!) young women who will be interning this summer! With two exceptional Fellows, a group of us here at the Turning Green Headquarters and many others working hard across the country.

Through their most exciting expectations, here is our Bay Area headquarters team:

Sophia Erhard HeadshotSophia Erhard

Sophia is a rising sophomore at Rice University and is incredibly excited to be a part of the TG Team as Chair of the PGC Speakers Committee. While undecided on her major, she has always had a deep regard for the environment and would love to possibly pursue a career in environmental policy. She tells us… “I am most excited about finding the PGC finals speakers. It is an opportunity to research and be in contact with inspiring people who can truly change our world and impact younger people to do the same. My goal this summer is to start living a zero-waste life. In order to “change the world”, you need to start with yourself. I hope to learn how to fully accomplish this goal, and act on this knowledge so that I can then teach others to do the same.”

Danielle SchoenDanielle Schoen Headshot

Danielle is a junior at Skidmore College studying sociology. After completing Project Green Challenge 2014 and going to the PGC Finals, Danielle became passionate about environmental justice. She has always loved hiking and the environment, but could not see the connection between her love of the natural world and passions for sociology and social justice. During PGC, Danielle learned that the social world and environmental world are inextricably connected and that sustainable change can have positive social implications, as well. She is thrilled to be interning for an organization that cares so passionately about the Earth and its peoples and is grateful for the opportunity to work on environmental justice projects during my time with Turning Green as well as to work as Chair of the Challenge Writing Committee.

Olivia Baretto

Olivia Barreto HeadshotAs a rising junior at Skidmore college Olivia is pursuing a business degree and studio art minor. In her future careers she hopes to combine her interest in business and entrepreneurship with her environmental consciousness to create a more sustainable business and consumer culture.  She tells us… “I am eager to work with other interns to further develop and implement these projects that turning green has implemented at high schools and colleges around the world. I hope to change the world through creating more awareness for global environmental issues. Turning Green is an amazing organization because of the magnitude of its work and I believe that being a part of the organization and contributing my skills to further its goals is just one step in creating much needed change.”

Madeleine Futterman

Madeleine is a rising Junior at UC Santa Barbara. She tells us… “I am excited to work with a team of young people who share my passion for environmentalism and find creative new ideas for Turning Green projects. Though Turning Green, I hope to engage people who would otherwise steer clear of environmental activism and inspire people to live more sustainable lives.”

Manuela TauscherManuela Tauscher Headshot

Manuela is a rising junior at Skidmore College, where she is an Environmental Studies major focusing on the Social and Cultural perspectives. She is super excited to be part of the Turning Green team as Co-Chair of the Conscious Kitchen Committee and looks forward to learning about sustainable food production and environmental advocacy. She is also really interested in both living a more sustainable lifestyle and helping others to do the same. She tells us…

“I am most excited about getting together with an amazing team, learning about them, and combining all of our ideas together to make a difference in the world. With all of the incredible projects that Turning Green will be taking on this summer (and already has taken on), we have such potential to really make a difference. I wish to change the world by getting others to think about the environment more holistically. Humans are not separate from the environment; they are part of it. It’s really important to me that everyone has the basic understanding that their one job in life is to take care of the Earth they were born on, and that doesn’t mean changing their lives drastically.”

Ana Zabala HeadshotAna Zabala

Ana is a rising senior at Rochester School in Bogotá, Colombia. She is passionate about defending the people’s right to a healthy and thriving planet, especially through sustainable agriculture. Ana hopes to work towards the empowerment of farmers in Colombia by expanding and promoting sustainable agriculture and defending seed freedom and sovereignty while seeking sustainability in her everyday life. Her ultimate goal is to live a completely Zero Waste life. Ana believes that life is about constant improvement and learning, and that selfishness is what stops us from thriving. In Ana’s words, “we should all practice forgiveness and kindness in order to change the world.”

IMG_8792Jenna Zimmerman

Jenna is a student at New York University focusing on Marketing and Sustainability. Jenna has worked year-round managing our blog and social media platforms. This summer she will continue to work on Turning Green communications and Project Green Challenge as Communications Coordinator. Jenna is very enthusiastic about sustainable products and consumer habits as well as the health of our planet.

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