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How to: Conscious Summer Cookout

It’s Memorial Day weekend and summer has officially arrived! Now’s the perfect time for backyard cookouts and picnics, so why not host the greenest and most sustainable shindig of the season?

We’ve planned a conscious cookout just for you, filled with tips, tricks and recipes that are easy, delicious and earth-friendly. Here goes…


-Be Picky about your Protein-

Burgers, hotdogs, and chicken breasts are BBQ staples. But, there are plenty of vegetarian proteins that will satisfy even your most carnivorous friends.

Animal protein comes with a hefty environmental impact – check out the ecological footprint of an average hamburger…


Those are some pretty convincing stats, huh? You can reduce the footprint of your gathering by buying less meat, and opting for fresh, local, organic, and grass-fed/free-range options to feed your guests!

Here is a great gluten free, vegan recipe for a veggie burger we love from Whole Foods Market. Not prepared to make veggie burgers from scratch? Amy’s Kitchen makes some delicious frozen, ready-to-grill options that your party-goers are sure to eat up!


-Dish Out Some Stellar Sides-

I think we can probably all agree that the side dishes really are what make a cookout memorable. This grilled sweet potato recipe is super satisfying and so on-theme since you will already have the BBQ going! May I also recommend this refreshing salad of watermelon, goat cheese, tomatoes and basil?


Paper and plastic are wasteful byproducts of outdoor entertaining. Though you might be left with a pile of dishes when guests leave, reusable tableware really does cut down on waste. If you are worried about clean-up, or don’t have enough tableware for all of your guests, ask them to BYOB(lank)! That is, ask them to bring whatever they need in order to eat comfortably, whether it be plates, silverware, or a mason jar for drinks!Fruit-Infused-Waters-from-Green-Blender

-Infused Water + Organic Iced Tea!-

Skip the plastic bottles, aluminum cans and added-sugars that can come with providing beverages for your party. Instead, make a few pitchers of fruit infused water, some organic iced tea or another fun homemade drink like this refreshing Lime + Mint combo, also from the Whole Foods website. You can also whip up some organic iced tea with a few tea bags from Numi. If you want, you could offer reusable cups and labels so they don’t get lost.

Change the World. Please, and Thank You.     -Jenna xx

Infused water photo credit: https://greenblender.com/smoothies/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Fruit-Infused-Waters-from-Green-Blender.jpg

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