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#ConsciousCollege Road Tour Visits: Skidmore

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This blog post was written by Danielle Schoen, Sophomore at Skidmore and Vice President of External Affairs on the TG Advisory Board.

At the beginning of the day, I had no idea what to expect. As I walked over to the student center at 7:30am, running on fair trade, locally roasted coffee and pure adrenaline, my mind was racing. Will all of the volunteers show up? How will the Skidmore community respond to the Road Tour? Will we see any sun today? Why does anyone wake up at this hour of the day?!

So the sun never showed up, but amazing volunteers did, and so did the Skidmore community. In spite of the cold, the energy of the entire Conscious College Road Tour tabling event was bright and positive. With the help of the incredible Judi Shils and Erin Schrode, the other volunteers and myself were prepared and excited to teach the Skidmore community about eco-conscious living. We stood out in the chilly weather for four hours talking about hemp and hope, body and balance, space and speaking out, food and fair trade, waste and wisdom, fashion and our futures, cleaning and conscious living. Students and faculty seemed eager to learn and excited to live more sustainably. I was thrilled.


Seeing the Skidmore community’s enthusiasm about the Conscious College Road Tour and sharing its empowering message; that environmental activism is truly accessible (even for college students); was incredible. My favorite part of the day, though, was the Town Hall Meeting later that night.

At the Town Hall Meeting, passionate students (and our campus sustainability director!) gathered for a delicious dinner and inspirational dialogue around environmental activism in our community and beyond. Following moving speeches from Erin and Judi, students began having meaningful conversation about greening our campus. People were not only talking about what changes they would like to see implemented at Skidmore but how to create those changes; specifically, how to increase composting on campus and “green” our freshman orientation. I can’t wait to see what transformation occurs as a result of this meeting.


The Skidmore Conscious College Road Tour was an amazing, motivating experience. I am so grateful to Turning Green for coming to our campus to inspire the Skidmore community and, through the Conscious College Road Tour, act as a catalyst for sustainable, positive change. Not only am I excited to see what changes are made within our community, but also to create change in my own life. The Road Tour inspired me to reexamine my own lifestyle, especially the way that I treat my body. I definitely feel invigorated to examine the toxins that I am exposed to on a daily basis and make changes necessary to lead a healthier and happier life.Skidmore5

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