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#ConsciousCollege Road Tour Visits: Jackson State University

Nicole Betson and Terrance Rush, Campus Reps and Grad Students at Jackson State University

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“After weeks of preparation and immense promotion of the event, my Co-Campus Rep. Terrance and I can assertively say that this wasn’t just an informational event but a transformational movement that impacted so many lives.

There is no greater feeling in the world than to be enlightened by the power of knowledge as a catalyst for a life-changing transformation. That is exactly what the Conscious College Road Tour accomplished during their visit to Jackson State University. It was our esteemed honor and privilege that Jackson State University was the only historically black university on on the road tour calender. It was truly humbling and that made us phenomenally excited to welcome the 2015 Conscious College Road Tour, March 31st through April 1st.

The enthusiasm that was felt for this event was so infectious that we had an unparalleled turnout. There were hundreds and hundreds of students that turned out for our Conscious Information Station. The volunteers did a phenomenal job teaching the students about how to transition life from conventional to conscious. They were seven themed tables that included: Green Clean, Body, Food, Industrial Hemp, Space, Zero-Waste, and Style. The students were hungry for more information about how to truly transform their lives to become sustainable. The process continued as students eagerly showed up to the Town Hall meeting later that evening for discussion about next steps. We were over 200 people strong, ready to change the world.”



“I wholeheartedly agree with everything Nicole has said. It was such an amazing experience to play a part in bringing the Conscious College Road Tour to JSU. From our trip to Whole Foods Market, Jackson to the town hall meeting, we learned so much. One statement that truly struck a chord with was when Ms. Shils mentioned wanting to create a better world for her daughter. We should all want the same for our children and do everything possible to attain it. Being a part of this experience has shown me that I can do so much more, not only to become a healthier person but also by taking steps to preserve the world in which we live as well.

We truly enjoyed assisting at the Conscious Information Station. The students were genuinely excited to learn and know of the many ways in which they could better their lives and the environment. You could literally see the wheels turning and sense of excitement they got in visiting each booth. The Town Hall meeting was just as great as it gave those individuals that were unable to attend the information station an opportunity to learn and gave those that were present another chance to become more knowledgeable. Everyone that attended left with a sense of betterment about how to improve oneself and their community.

Words cannot express how grateful we are for having the Conscious College Road Tour visit Jackson State University. We especially want to send a heartfelt thank you to Ms. Judi Shils and Ms. Erin Schrode for their unwavering commitment to making the world in which we live a better place. Without them, none of this would be possible. They have lit the spark that will lay the foundation for change not only on the JSU campus but within the community as well. THANK YOU!!!”


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