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#ConsciousCollege Road Tour Visits: Rice University

Campus Rep (and PGC 2014 finalist),Emi LaFountain reflected on the event ..

After weeks of preparation, days of panic, and working from the crack of dawn until it was pitch black outside, Ashley and I can confidently say that this was one of the most successful events that the Rice Environmental Club and its associates has ever hosted. Thanks in part to the turn to beautiful weather just in time our event and also the power of word-of-mouth, we had an unprecedented turnout and even more enthusiasm. Hundreds of people came to our Conscious Information Station, and every one of them was excited about what our volunteers taught them about life from conventional to conscious. 


Part one of our eventful day of course was the College Information Station. Even at a small school like Rice, we managed to get enthusiastic volunteers to man each and every one of our sustainable booths. Not only did we have booths for Green Cleaning, Body, Food, Hemp, Space, Zero-Waste, and Style, but we also had an awesome rep from Guayaki Yerba Mate come out with her own sampling booth. I was especially proud of our volunteers, many of whom didn’t know anything about their topics before they started helping out, and quickly became experts on their topic throughout the day!

Everything worked out to our advantage for the College Information Station. A combination of the beautiful weather and the wonderful spring foliage made our booths particularly attractive, and around 400 people must have shown up!


There were so many great things I heard throughout the day. Here’s what one kid said: “I think one thing that I was made aware of today was how much plastic there is in the things I buy, so buying bulk and using reusable containers is something I really want to focus on.” Another student said, “I really see the impacts. I know what it means now what recycling and being environmentally conscious can have.” Hearing transformations like that in just that 4-hour period was extremely rewarding!

Our Town Hall meeting was a huge hit as well — around forty dedicated students must have shown up. Tons of great questions came up, like “why is it important to talk about GMOs? Haven’t people been selectively breeding for years?” and “I’m already interested in sustainability, but how can I get my friends to be too?” came up. It was a great opportunity to spread the word not only about Turning Green but also student-led activism in general. One of my favorite moments was when the future president of our environmental club said that she wanted to change the name of the club to Project Green Rice and make it a Project Green chapter!


In short, today was an absolute success. With tons of students showing up genuinely interested in not only our samples but what we had to say, we were able to spread the word on environmental issues that otherwise may not have been considered. Woohoo!


Emi LaFountain


Emi is a senior studying Environmental Engineering and Asian Studies at Rice University. She was also a Project Green Challenge 2014 Finalist!

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