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Win a Trip for Good: Apply Today!

Whether you’re conscious of it or not, you ARE a global citizen. Every one of us is. If this idea seems like a heavy torch to carry, you’re right: it is. We are inheriting a planet plagued by climate change, a global hunger crisis, war, disease, poverty, scarce natural resources and widespread injustice. As informed and mobilized young people, we are responsible for taking on the challenges that lie ahead.

You cannot fix it all by yourself, nor do you have to. You have a specific role to play in healing our planet. To find it, you need only be open, aware, attentive, and ready to spring into action when the universe calls!

We are inviting you to take the first steps toward becoming a part of the change you wish to see in the world. Reach outside your comfort zone and think about grabbing your passport, packing your bags and immersing yourself in a culture or a place that you are drawn to. Wherever you are in the world, there is nothing stopping you from learning, thinking critically and connecting the dots on societal issues; environmental, social, educational, economic or political. Consider what you could do in your own community, in your country or on the planet at large. There’s a reason why we all quote Gandhi so much: “It’s because no matter how uncomfortable or intimidating it may be, changing the world really does start with you.”

How will you, as a global citizen, go forth and make a powerful difference in the world? Where does your passion lie? Together with our partner Acure Organics, we ask you to contemplate your role in the world as a global citizen, and conceive of a Trip for Good to a place you may have only dreamed of visiting. What will you contribute and how will this experience change you? It’s time to harness your own power. It’s time to dream and do.

The winner of this Turning Green/Acure Trip for Good Contest will win their trip. The winner will be announced on May 15, 2015.

Project Green Challenge 2013 Champion, Madeleine Welsch has won the first Trip for Good, scheduled to take place this summer! This is the video she submitted in 2014 explaining what she hopes to accomplish in India…

You can APPLY TODAY. Send this link onto anyone who you think might be interested. You have the opportunity to win the trip of a lifetime.

If you win, we will ask for the following;

  • Commitments if you are the winner:
    • – Create a blog or YouTube Channel that you will keep during your trip.
  • – Video documentation – daily/weekly short video clips that can be shared on youtube, social media, etc.
    • – Photographs of projects, encounters, people, activities, etc. to supplement blog entries
  • – Final recap of trip in video form that can be shared via youtube; recapping your experience, it’s impact and how it will inform future endeavors.

Please EMAIL us if you have any questions at info@turninggreen.org. Include your name, email address, school and grade.

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