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Stress-Bust Your Skin

Although I am always trying new things, at the start of each semester I usually have something I am specifically looking to improve which usually brings a new routine, or product. This semester I really wanted to focus on clearing up my skin and giving it some extra care and attention. I have been using and loving Acure skincare products for months so my first instinct (a good one!) was to see what they had to offer my stressed, dry skin.

My problem areas are on my face, around my jaw line, cheek and chin. I don’t have severe acne but breakouts happen! A lot of products I’ve tried over the years dry out my skin, especially during the winter, so I was looking for some that were gentle, yet effective and, of course- CONSCIOUS!

My new routine includes 3 products which I use once or twice a day. SONY DSC

Stress bust selfie

1. I use the Sensitive Facial Cleanser every morning and night to wash my face with warm water. You only need to use about a dime size dollop then it lathers up and takes off all my make up.

2. Next I apply the Radical Resurfacing treatment. This I use only in the morning, mostly because I like to have as little on my skin as possible at night, to let my skin breathe- just a personal preference. This treatment uses lemon probiotic, chlorella and something called Buddleja davidii to do its magic! It has a Skin Deep Data Base Score of 2, so you know it’s super clean.

3. The third product I added to my routine is Acure’s Oil Control Day Cream. This tool really made me feel like it was on my team from day one. It fully moisturizes my skin without any heaviness, residue or oily appearance.

I use all of them in the morning, leaving time fore the Radical Resurfacing treatment to dry before I moisturize.



So, what’s the verdict?

My skin has seriously improves. It is smoother to the touch and more even-toned (less redness and reduced appearance of scarring) plus no break-outs yet! The treatments seem to be able to target my problem areas while remaining gentle on the rest of my face. I’ve found myself consistantly applying less make-up because I am more confident about my appearance without it.

So, why not any other brand?

Acure provides the complete package for me. 1)  it is effective 2) the products feel great on my skin and I love using them probably because… 3) they are free of any harmful additives I try to protect myself from absorbing.

To show a conventional example, Clearasil, a well-known skincare brand makes a facial cleanser with a EWG SkinDeep Database score of 5 because of harmful ingredients that are absorbed by the skin and also accumulate in our waterways.

So, what would you like to improve this semester?

I am very excited to be making such great progress with my skincare goals but of course I have lot’s of others I am still working through as well! What are some of your goals? We want to know. Interact with me all month long (February is BODY month!) on the TTG Facebook + Twitter platforms + take our themed challenge!

Change the World. Please, and Thank You            – Jenna xx

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