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PGC 2014 Champions Launch Eco-Summit

The key to changing the world is to pursue it first within your community, sharing and working cooperatively with others as much as possible!

rochesterThat’s what we’ve figured out here at Rochester School, in Bogotá, Colombia, and why we’re hosting the first ever “Our Choice Eco Summit” with Teens Turning Green (TTG) this week.

Back in November, my Project Green Challenge team attended TTG’s PGC Finals in San Francisco. There, I had the opportunity to cross paths with others who care as deeply for the planet as I do. I realized I’m not alone in this quest for progress, equity, justice and sustainability. I met people who not only shared my thoughts, but also wanted to create change along with me! And my beloved friends and PGC teammates were there, too: Juli Díaz, Juli Edith and Ana Castañeda! Pamela Ospina, our teacher, supporter and friend, traveled with us the whole way.

Those days in San Francisco were phenomenal, but the best was yet to come. Being involved in Teens Turning Green (TTG) is not only about a thirty-day challenge (Project Green Challenge), nor is it all about the PGC Finals; it is about the mission of our lives. After being honored as the PGC 2014 Champions, our team returned to our beautiful country, where we were welcomed by our school with celebration and happiness. We were infinitely empowered and inspired, ultimately deciding to dream big and take action!


Colombia has so much potential, and many projects are being developed with the objective of fostering a prosperous global community. However, people, organizations and schools are still separated even though they all want to achieve the same result. So we asked ourselves some questions: wouldn’t we be much more powerful together? Wouldn’t all these projects work better if we share ideas and connect? That’s how “Our Choice: Eco Summit” emerged.

out choice summit

The main purpose of this summit is to create a network between schools, individuals and companies committed to the planet and the transformation of youth towards conscious living. We want to share experiences and knowledge, and come up with viable solutions to challenges we all face. This event is the starting point; it will bring together all kinds of people with all different skills and perspectives so that we can work together to sustain planet Earth! We want to let people know that you don’t have to be an expert (a scientist, a hippie, an activist) to change and heal the world. You just have to be yourself and do things with passion and intention.

The “Our Choice Eco Summit” will take place on January 30th and 31st at Rochester School in Bogota, Colombia. It will focus on three main themes: sustainable environments, waste management, and conscious living. We’re expecting over a hundred attendees! We’ve invited amazing speakers including Judi Shils and Erin Schrode (Executive Director and Co-Founder of TTG), Amy Halman (President of Acure Organics), delegates of the Ministry of the Environment, Agrosolidaria (a network of organic farmers), Bioil (a project to make fuel from used kitchen oil) and more…

Students from other high schools and colleges will join us. We’ve invited families, teachers, friends and everyone who’s interested in joining us.

All of this was built from scratch in just two months! This would not have been possible without Pamela’s determination and passion and the support and cooperation of our entire school.

We are dreaming and doing! Changing the world one step at a time, together. Stay tuned to TTG’s Twitter feed for live updates as the summit unfolds!

This blog post was written by a guest-blogger: Ana Zabala

15294982074_f7129a545f_k (1)Zabala is a Junior at Colegio Rochester in Bogota Colombia and now sits as Communications Committee Chair on the TTG Student Advisory Board. She became involved with TTG after being named winner of the fourth annual Project Green Challenge in 2014. She always tries to think globally before acting so that her everyday choices are healing to heal the planet, rather than destroy precious resources. Zabala is striving to achieve a zero-waste lifestyle and is also extremely passionate about the fight against GMO’s. She hopes to work towards banning GMO’s in Colombia. Ana believes that with determinations and initiative, we can all work together to help save the planet!

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