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PGC 2014 Finals Day 1 Recap


Project Green Challenge kicked off to a phenomenal start yesterday. We gathered our top twelve challengers who flew in from around the globe to collaborate, celebrate and integrate the power of their emerging environmental activist power.

Day 1 began with everyone’s favorite activity- eating! The mooring festivities began at the beautiful Cavallo Point, at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge. A smoothie competition kicked off our foodie festivities and finalists dove in with organic, farm fresh, nutrient-rich ingredients. Next, we vegan made hummus cups with Love & Hummus. This activity reinforced how student snack habits can be both healthy, and delicious!


Finalists also had the honor of visiting Executive Chef Justin Everett of the Cavallo Point restaurant in his farm-to-fork, and conscious kitchen. He spoke about his dedication to local farms, seasonal ingredients and upholding an exquisite standard of sustainability- and taste! After a gluten free, vegetarian lunch of qinoa mac & cheese prepared by Chef Everett and a salad made by all the finalists working in teams, the afternoon shifted gears…


The twelve Project Green Challenge finalists were led into a hall where they went through a green spa and eco restyling. Each finalist was styled in a sustainable outfit of organic cotton, bamboo, recycled material pieces as well as some thrift. Then, they were lead through skin care tutorials by Acure professionals, as well make up artists and hair stylists to pamper the finalists with conscious make up form Aubrey Organics, Jane Iredale, and Lotus Moon. Each finalist was photographed and interviewed in their restyled look. Their words were articulate, inspired, highly motivational and still a little stunned.


The next part of day 1 involved a screening of the alarming and important documentary, Unacceptable Levels followed by a panel of the film’s director Ed Brown and SF Environmental Director, Debbie Raphael. The group discussed labeling, government regulation and the this of toxicity in everyday products.

Day 1 concluded with a dinner surrounded by friends and esteemed guests of Teens Turning Green. Finalists had the opportunity to tell dinner guests about their most memorable moment of Project Green Challenge 2014. Students talked about carrying around their trash and zero-waste tools despite strange looks from fellow students. They casually mentioned calling senators and starting petitions, as if those are things high school and college students do all the time. Their words truly reminded the guests, partners and the entire Teens Turning Green team why we have all come together this weekend and the value of the challenge.

I had the opportunity to ask a few finalists what they thought of day 1 of the finals…

“It’s completely different from what I expected. I did not expect to be making our own food and getting a complete makeover. I was really take back by the hands on aspect of the finals. I expected to just show up and hear people talk. But I’ve had the opportunity to in activities with the other finalists.”

– Charlie Cevallos, sophomore at The George Washington University

“The first day was absolutely incredible. I was not expecting to be so well taken care of. It’s been an incredible combination of being about the finalists but also about the leaders we are hear to learn more form. This is so freaking cool!”

Danielle Schoen, sophomore at Skidmore College

There is much more to come this weekend and two more days of the Project Green Challenge finals. Get live updates by following us on Twitter and Facebook!

Change the World, Please and Thank You!       – Jenna xx

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