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Fall Wellness with Gaia Herbs

As students become immersed in Fall and all that comes with it -cold weather, late nights, mid-term stress- we are more likely to feel under the weather. However, there are a lot of things you can do to stay healthy and manage stress. Adequate sleep, balanced diet and taking some time out (for YOU) to do what you love can all help you stack the odds in your favor. But, there is even more you can do to give your body and mind a boost… that boost is herbal supplements.


From slowing a serious illness to curing a quick ache, herbal medicines and therapies have been used for centuries by countless cultures around the world. But what about Gaia for the college or high school student? For starters, the Adrenal Health capsules promote a healthy response to stress and contain many of the herbs I was able to see growing on the farm including ashwaganda root, holy basil and rhodiola! Need some energy? Instead of three rounds of coffee, try the Herbal Energy Plus, which is 99% caffeine-free and helps boost the immune system simultaneously. Living in a dorm or crowded apartment is not always the optimal situation for snoozing, so next time you’re restless, think about sipping on a cup of Sleep and Relax tea! No matter what your needs are, we can all use herbs in our lives.

SONY DSCTeens Turning Green leader and Project Green Challenge 2013 Grand Prize winner, Madeleine Welsch  had the opportunity to visit the farm of one exceptional herbal company- Gaia Herbs. Here’s what she had to say about the opportunity…

Stepping onto the Gaia farm in Brevard, North Carolina was a surreal experience like no other. In mid August, I had the opportunity to visit the farm and learn about Gaia’s commitment to organic, sustainable farming, education and quality assurance program. So many amazing things are happening here, from the vertical integration of the company (everything happens AT the farm, from organic seed to finished product!) to the world’s first herb traceability program that allows you, the customer, to “meet your herbs.”


So, how can you begin to incorporate herbal supplements into your daily wellness routine?

As my academic semester heats up and the weather cools down, I make sure to incorporate Astragalus Supreme immune support and Adrenal Health stress aid.  These two are my herbal shield and stabilizer, helping my body cope with prolonged stress when the daily grind is particularly grinding.

I also make sure to have Rapid Relief options on hand when I start to feel like I might be coming down with a cold. Then I enlist the help of Echinacea Goldenseal and Quick Defense immune boosters. These two are my urgent care herbs to get my back on my feel when I need it most.

Bonus Tip: TTG Executive Director, Judi Shils swears by their Throat Spray! She says, “It is a cure all for all that ails.” That’s a sustainable and effective seal of approval if I ever heard one!


Herbal supplements are an incredible alternative to many other over the counter pills many of us opt for when we need something to help us manage the symptoms of an active life. However, products like the ones at Gaia Herbs provide a much more pure, organic and natural alternative to chemical medications.

There is so much to learn and experience about the power of herbs. Consider adding herbal supplements to your wellness routine and if you start to feel that cool weather cold set in, reach for the herbal option instead of a more processed counterpart.

Be Well!

Change the World. Please, and Thank You   – Jenna xx

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