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The T Word(s)

Let’s talk about Tampons. Most women choose a feminine care brand based on packaging appeal, effective marketing or whatever is cheap! And why shouldn’t they? What reason do women have to ask questions of their tampons beyond personal preference? That reason lies in a dirty secret in the feminine care product industry…

Most conventional tampons and pads are made with toxic chemicals and materials that are not adequately labeled.

For every young woman, taking care of our health is a priority and reproductive health is part of that. It’s normal to assume that a product meant to encounter such a sensitive part of the body is safe. Right? Horrifically, companies like Always have taken tremendous advantage of that assumption.

Women’s Voices for the Earth has totally swung into action on this issue. They have developed informative graphics like the one above and set an example as strong advocates for feminine health and ingredient transparency. Check out their video below!

Let’s Detox the Box with Woman’s Voices for the Earth

So, there are really two T-words we’re talking about here, Tampons and their Toxicity. Thankfully there are brands that are making ethical products and labeling them responsibly. My favorite is Natracare. Their tampons are made with 100% organic cotton which means I’m skipping all of the toxic chemistry used in the cotton of conventional alternatives. Cotton is one of the most pesticide heavy crops when grown conventionally. I will accept that those pesticides are safe for my reproductive or general health. Further, there is no excuse for the lack of transparency and regulation on behave of the industry. Keep it out of me!

Here are a few clips of Teens Turning Green leaders speaking their mind on their issues. This  is their messages to companies like Always…

We want to know what you think about the T word. Speak up! Tell the industry what your expect from feminine care products by voting with your purchase and more.  Let’s #DetoxTheBox (Make a change now by Sign Women’s Voices for the Earth’s petition)

Change the World. Please, and Thank You!          – Jenna xx

Central Image via galleryhip.com

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