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Outspoken: Students on GMOs

Students at schools around the globe are telling their peers about GMOs, participating in local labeling regulation and becoming more informed consumers. But these students are no ordinary students, they are also Project Green Challenge Participants. Challenge participants are engaging with a relevant sustainability topic each day in October.

So here’s what remarkable young adults have to say about the most pressing human experiment of our time. I’d listen closely…

“It’s easy for us to buy packaged goods without a second glance at the ingredients label. But a closer look and a basic knowledge of high-probability GMO ingredients reveals how ubiquitous GMOs are in the food we buy.” – Emi, Rice University

“I realized how important it is for the Non-GMO label to be mandatory. We don’t know what exactly it is we are eating, and the foods we think are the healthiest can be the most harmful of them all.” – Team Juli-anas, Colegio Rochester, Bogota, Colombia

” After completing this challenge, I realized I didn’t understand the true scope of GMOs and how frequently they are found in my everyday food choices. This has made me more aware of food labels, and has further encouraged me to shop at my local natural food market.” – Ariana, The Ohio State University

“I want the food I ingest to be the food it was promised to be. I want to start to make my household food purchases completely organic and non-GMO!” – Mary, Cal State University Chico

” GMO foods are everywhere and we don’t know it because companies aren’t required to label it on their products. GMOs are supposed to fix problems with environmental issues and human hunger but they are managing to just exacerbate those issues. This is highly influential on my decision of what foods to buy from now on; I will look for USDA certified organic or Non-GMO labeled foods to keep my impact on myself and the earth as small as possible.” – Sarah, A.W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts

Want to read the Challenge that sparked these realizations and actions? Read the Non-GMO challenge at http://www.projectgreenchallenge.com

It’s not too late to participate! There are still more challengs to come. Get a student in your life involved in Project Green Challenge and watch them engage with sustainability like never before.

Go to: http://www.projectgreenchallenge.com for more information.

Change the World. Please, and Thank You. — Jenna xx

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