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Live Plastic-free + Popsicle-ful

Nothing says “summer” like homemade popsicles. But, many conventional products that make at-home popsicles possible, are plastic. Those products leach chemicals and toxins into your fruity goodness while they freeze. Then when you enjoy them, those harmful chemicals are transferred into your system and build up along with whatever else has leached in from other things eaten out of plastic containers. I know, I know, back to the popsicles…DSC_0044

Thankfully, Life Without Plastic has provided a Stainless Steal, conscious alternative! Their Freezy Cups provide a sleak, easy to use, leach-proof alternative for frozen dessert making.

Where’s the plastic in your life? In your kitchen? Check out Life Without Plastic’s website for sustainable alternatives for all sorts of household plastics! Want to know more about what toxins your being exposed to? Sign up for Project Green Challenge 2014! 


This dairy-free, sugar-free summer treat is flavor-FUL! It couldn’t be simpler and a great go-to recipe when you have a few leftover berries from a fruit salad. I know when I have a few mushy berries at the bottom of the basket, it takes all my self control not to just pop them back but with a little bit of patience (just overnight) and a can of coconut milk, you’ll have a truly dynamic and deliciously cool dessert!



Popsicle Ingredient Graphic

1/3 c organic fresh strawberries

1/3 c organic fresh blueberries

1 1/2 c organic coconut milk

1 tsp organic vanilla extract

Optional: ground vanilla bean


To start, combine coconut milk and vanilla in a medium bowl and stir until the entire batch is evenly sweetened. Add a small dash of salt and stir again. This will really enhance and bring out the flavors of the berries and vanilla! Yum! Next wash and dry berries. Slice the strawberries into small chunks, similar in size to the blueberries.

Begin assembling your popsicles by stacking berries inside the popsicle molds. Mix it up or do a few blueberry and a few strawberry! Once the popsicle molds are filled about three-quarters full with berries, pour in your coconut cream mixture, until it reaches just bellow the opening. Don’t worry, the berries should float a bit and spread themselves out in the mold from top to bottom. Repeat with each of your popsicle molds, top with sticks and holders, then just freeze overnight and enjoy!


Popsicle Enjoy!

Change the World. Please, and Thank You.

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