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Re-beaut: Powder vs. Liquid Foundation


For the first installment of the Re-beaut series we are starting with a foundation competent of many women’s make-up collections –Foundation! Foundation is one of those products that it is so important to get right because you’re putting it all over your face which is a sizable amount of surface area when it come to makeup. The most skin the product cover, the more susceptible you are to absorbing the product and becoming exposed to harmful ingredients. Let’s take a look at an age old debate between the powder vs. the liquid foundation with two of my favorite products.


Juice BeautyPerfecting Foundation




Application: This guy got me some really even coverage! Their Ivory shade worked best for me but this baby also comes in Sand and Tan which other friends of mine use and love! I like to start out with a generous dot on each of my cheeks, nose, chin and forehead and then gently rub to cover each area. If you’re in a rush you could also rub a couple squirts between your palms and go to town!

The Low Down: The Juice Beauty Perfecting Foundation is made from Organic ingredients and antioxidants. The ingredients like actually read similarly to my grocery list: acai and goji berries, thyme, rosemary (superfood is makeup– that’s what I’m talkin’ about!) When they say “Makeup That Feeds Your Skin” they really mean it. This stuff is totally free of parabens, pthalates, petrolium, GMOs and pesticides. And it’s made in the USA!

EWG Skin Deep Database Score: 2


Aubrey OrganicsSilken Earth Translucent Base AubreyLogo342.ai





Application: My strategy with powder is to shake a little into the cap, get some powder on my brush and then tap the brush before I go to apply. Then, lightly dab -not swipe- the brush for stellar coverage. This powder will halt and prevent any shininess and this stuff holds!

The Low Down: This powder foundation contains many organic ingredients. It’s cruelty-free and certified by the Natural Products Association. Their agricultural products are harvested from sustainable recourses and it’s made in the USA!

Skin Deep has not yet scored this product but you can check out how Aubrey scores on many of their other products, here.

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