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Series Launch: Re-beaut


Think about all of the body products that you use daily; toothpaste, shampoo, sunscreen, mascara, chapstick, shaving cream etc., that release significant amounts of toxins for you to absorb. Have you ever thought about ingredients like phthalates, toluene, or formaldehyde? They can be found in many conventional products. Women, especially, buy and use products to make them look and feel their best. To me, is seems an injustice that so many women (myself included) could be applying products to their skin that are actual harming them. Believe it or not, their is no government organization regulating ingredients or labeling in the beauty industry. Make-up and other personal care products should be fun and enhance one’s natural beauty. Unfortunately, many conventional products are anything but fun or natural once you take a good hard look at what is in them. Check out Annie Leonard’s ‘Story of Cosmetics.’


Recourses like the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, the EWG Skin Deep Database and the Think Dirty app for smartphones are a GREAT place to start. I guarantee, once you take a look at what’s in your medicine cabinet and make-up pouch through lens that these recourses provide, you will not stop until you’ve found alternatives for all of your personal care needs.

Much to my excitement, there are countless products out there to help you clean out and Re-beaut your entire daily regime. The mission of the Re-beaut series is to provide recourses, and a guide to transitioning your conventional products to conscious alternatives. Stay tuned for product spotlights and inspiration for morning to evening and lashes to lips


Not too long ago, I was like every other young adult out there. I bought the products that magazines, friends and packaging recommended. While I had always been sustainably aware in other areas of my life, I assumed the all natural stuff from Whole Foods Market wouldn’t do the trick. One night, while browsing Netflix I stumbled upon ‘Pink Ribbons, Inc.’ which is a documentary exposing the hyper-commercialization of the breast cancer awareness movement. Basically: cosmetics companies who sell products containing cancer causing ingredients are out there walking with breast cancer survivors and putting their names on pink flags and water bottles. I highly recommend the film.

So I watched Pink Ribbon and by the time the closing credits rolled past the screen, all of my conventional cosmetics were in the trash bin. All of them. I didn’t wait until I had some free time to find alternatives. At that point, I would have rather gone pale lipped and eye circled before I used those products again. I was shocked and disgusted at first. But before too long I was excited. I had an opportunity to go buy make-up! Who wouldn’t be excited?!? That is where my Re-beauting journey began and I hope that this series makes your journey as empowering, fun and enlightening as mine has been.

Change and the World. Please, and Thank You.        -Jenna xx

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