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The average 12-minute shower uses about 120 gallons of water. Each minute we spend in the shower, between 7 and 10 gallons of water are going down the drain. If it takes you 5 minutes to shave in the shower, you are using up to 50 gallons of water every time. So, if you’re shaving twice or even 3x a week you could be using up to 150 gallons of water! You can significantly reduce your water footprint by shaving less. Remember, every skipped shave could save up to 50 gallons of water, depending on how long you spend shaving in the shower.


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If you shave too often, the hair will begin to grow in faster and thicker. Shaving less actually creates more hair-free (or hair-lite) days!


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Shaving less will significantly extend the life of your razor! Every time you use a new razor, and throw the old one away, you are contributing to you’re footprint and the massive amount of landfill created each year. Not to mention the plastic toxic packaging!


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Shaving less will help make your purchases last. Let’s say you use your disposable razor 4 to 5 times and you’re shaving twice a week. Shaving only once a week will double the life of your razor and last you at least two months!


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While shaving does have benefits like exfoliation and removal of dead skin, shaving too often also puts your skin at risk. Issues like ingrown hairs and razor burn occur more often, the more frequently you shave. If you have sensitive skin, giving your legs, face, underarms a break in between shaves will give it a chance to heal and repair.

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If you’re lucky, you’re getting healthy doses of sun during the summertime. Believe it or not, as you tan your skin, the sun actually fades the color of your hair. This is most noticeable for people who already have lighter hair but it also true for nearly every skin and hair type. If you shave frequently, the new hair doesn’t not have a chance to fade. So rub on the sunscreen and do double time while you tan!


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2 thoughts on “Listen up,

  1. i’m all for it.

  2. I went for No-shave November last year (2014) for all of the reasons above and a couple more. I still haven’t shaved yet and I’m still a woman! Who would have thought? Our culture puts way more importance on shaving than it should – we see it as a necessity rather than a choice, and it’s definitely not a necessity. What did women do a hundred, two hundred years ago? What do women do now in less developed countries? Yet they’re still just as feminine as the rest of us. #NoShame

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