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Getting the EPA’s Attention to #DenyDow: Why + How

This summer, the Environmental Protection Agency will vote to either deny or allow approval for the use of a powerful and dangerous Dow herbicide, Enlist Duo, on farms nationwide. Enlist Duo contains two highly toxic chemicals that have been “linked to multiple adverse effects on human health and the environment.” If the EPA moves forward with this proposal, the use of 2,4-D nationwide could more than triple by 2020. Such an increase would accelerate herbicide resistance and expose communities near 2,4-D-resistant corn and soybean fields to eight times more 2,4-D than today’s current rates.

Find out more about this emerging crisis on EcoWatch:

“Stand with the countless individuals and organizations that are fighting against this injustice and sign this petition to support human and environmental health today and for generations to come.” – Teens Turning Green via EcoWatch.com



Step 1: Think about what you want to say and how you plan to say it. Feel free to use our sample script as inspiration and add whatever you like.

“As a concerned citizen, I’m calling to urge the EPA to deny Dow’s pesticide (2,4-D) in Enlist Duo for GMO crops. According to the Environmental Working Group: “highly respected health institutions, organizations and numerous studies have linked 2,4-D exposure to very serious health problems, including cancer and Parkinson’s disease. Glyphosate, an ingredient in this Dow product is also the main ingredient in Monsanto’s infamous RoundUp weed killer and has been shown to double the risk of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.” Denying Dow would reduce the use of toxic pesticides which put human and environmental health at risk.”

Step 2: Call Administrator Gina McCarthy’s Phone Line – (202) 564-4700 – and present your statement

 Step 3: Report back in the comments section of this page! Tell us all about your call and the response you received from the EPA.



twitter-logoUse these tweets to engage your twitter community to sign the petition, engage in the conversation and help spread the word about this issue and campaign

Sign @TeensTurnGreen petition + tell @GinaEPA to deny 2,4-D for #GMO crops! Via @EcoWatch + @AshleyAndree http://bit.ly/1qL8icE #DenyDow

Sign here to tell the @EPA to #DenyDow’s Pesticide (2,4-D) for GMO Crops:http://ow.ly/yXbZx @EcoWatch @AshleyAndree @TeensTurnGreen

Get 2,4-D off the menu! Tell the @EPA to #DenyDow’s #GMO pesticide. Sign @TeensTurnGreen petition: http://bit.ly/1qL8icE @GinaEPA

“@EPA cannot ignore thousands of people concerned for our future” @AshleyAndree of @TeensTurnGreen http://bit.ly/1kAncg2 #DenyDow @EcoWatch

Tell @EPA to #DenyDow’s Pesticide for #GMO Crops via @TeensTurnGreen + @AshleyAndree http://bit.ly/1kAncg2 @DowChemical @GinaEPA

imagesShare the petition on your own wall to gather support. Tag Gina McCarthy and the EPA to get their attention. Tag Teens Turning Green too! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #DenyDow

Sign @TeensTurningGreen’s petition to urge the @EPA and @GinaMcCarthyEPA to #DenyDow Chemical Co.’s 2,4-D pesticide for GMO crops. http://bit.ly/1qL8icE

Contact Gina McCarthy | U.S. Environmental Protection Agency:                           By email: mccarthy.gina@epa.gov  By phone: 202-564-4700            twitter: @ginaEPA  or Facebook: ginamccarthyepa

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