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TTG Visits EO!

Today, the TTG Bay Area intern crew got a chance to visit EO Products headquarters in San Rafael, CA. For those of you who haven’t been previously introduced to EO Products, here are some things you should know:

  • All of their products smell delicious without the use of synthetic fragrances or harmful chemicals.
  • All of their products are certified organic and non-GMO even though some are not labeled that way. (find out why here)
  • Much of their packaging is recycled material and they offer bulk and refill purchases to further reduce waste!

I have used EO Shampoos, Conditioners and Lotions throughout my whole life and have recently begun to rely on their Organic Lavender Deodorant so I was very excited when we finally got this outing on the schedule! We stepped into their colorful lobby and were greeted by Katheryn and Meredith who we chatted with about all the goings on at both TTG and EO until Michael, our tour guide and EO executive, was able to come meet us.

DSC_0076First, we were ushered into the offices and lab area where we briefly observed the EO team checking new products for any possible contaminants.  (Check out that hairnet action!)


Then we had a look at their manufacturing facility and warehouse.There, Michael stopped to tell us about how as consumers, we are the test subjects for many conventional brands of  personal care and cosmetics products. While it’s easy to assume that there is someone keeping companies in check, there isn’t, not even the FDA! Unlike food companies, corporations that make products like cleansers, lip glosses and deodorant, do NOT have to be approved for safety before they come to market. In fact, thousands of chemicals used in conventional products have not been tested and may not even be listed on the label. How are we supposed to make conscious choices when it’s so difficult to be even be adequately informed? Thankfully, companies like EO are protecting their customers and the planet by using, safe and naturally occurring elements and rigorously testing every batch of products that leaves their facility. Thank you, Michael, for that valuable information and for allowing me to deodorize with piece of mind!










We were then  led to what appeared to be a magical closet of scented oils. Michael introduced and passed around dozens of little blue and brown bottles of everything from Lavender to Ylang Ylang. As we sniffed and oo-ed and aw-ed he explained how some families of scents, like woods, were not typically found in hair products and how other fragrances, like the citrus family, are tricky to maintain because they “go away quickly.” Most importantly, he described how scents like cucumber and melon are nearly impossible to naturally capture so often when a product has those scents, they are artificial to some extent. _MG_0098

Then we got our hands dirty (although they smelled amazing after) and made bath scrubs! Each of us created our own original scents, mixing oils like Cedarwood, Blue Chamomile, Orange and Ginger, then we infused our fragrances into olive oil which we then used to soak or bath salts. So much fun!




I would like to send a huge thank you to EO for having us! We had a wonderful, well perfumed and educational trip! Everyone, check them out!


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