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Use Your Voice + Show Your Face

Here at Teens Turning Green, we believe strongly in the power of one voice. Raising awareness can seem daunting at times but my position at Teens Turning Green has given my voice a boost, an audience and a direction. Be the voice in the crowd that speaks up to injustice. Be the friend that isn’t afraid to share why you won’t buy conventional products. Ask questions when you don’t know how your food got from farm to table. Be the change.

Our confidence in these principals of individual consciousness is one of the many reasons why we are so excited about our lead partner Acure Organics‘ Show Your Face Project. The campaign calls for students to challenge the status quo. Acure’s new project is empowering youth to re-claim what is considered beautiful, turning it inward. Forget about beauty as a measure of outward appearance and consider the substance of who you are, what drives you and sparks your light. My generation has the opportunity to steer and expand cultural expectations of what is attractive. Let’s make image irrelevant and enthusiasm everything. Use your voice in your community, on social media platforms and at home to show your face, yourself, your spirit. The Show Your Face Project is very multidimensional and there are several fun and empowering ways to get involved.

I say, aspiration is attractive. Passion is pretty. Bravery is beautiful. Humanity is hot! That’s what I like to see in the faces of others.

Our own Communications Fellow here at Teens Turning Green (and chef-in-residence here on the blog), Ashley Ugarte has entered the Show Your Face $5000 challenge. Check out her video submission below. Ashley is showing her face as a budding chef, eager to encourage sustainability and authenticity through the tastebuds of the people she feeds. Her efforts in raising awareness about GMOs through our NonGMO Toolkit and “Students for the Right to Know”campaign are inspiring others to bring about change. We are so proud!

The passion that Ashley has for each sweet potato she picks out at the Farmer’s Market and the tender loving care she puts into spicing that pot of sweet potato soup, that is beautiful. Sharing in her intention, here at Teens Turning Green, we sit around our conference table (where I show my face, everyday) hashing out ideas, discovering resources and snapping kodak moments of green-living and friendship. That is beautiful.

What kind of beauty is inside of you? What’s your passion project? Submit a video and statement about what you want the world to see (here) and you just might win $10,000!

And don’t forget to use your voice. Speak up and make everyone listen. If they’re smart, they’ll thank you later. Promise.

Change the World, Please and Thank You. – xx Jenna


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