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Curious About Cotton? (You Will Be Now)

Hello readers,

Sitting at home? Great. I want you to take a quick look at several items around you, ones we use everyday. Your bed sheets, your towels, the t-shirt you’re wearing, the denim in your jeans. The paper towels you use to clean up messes and the rounds that remove your makeup.

What do all of these items have in common?

Cotton is one of the most versatile and prevalent materials in our world today, with so many everyday items made from this fiber. Due to its high demand, 25 million tonnes of it are produced each year.

Cotton’s dominant presence in the textile industry forces us to continuously clean and clothe ourselves with it. Considering this, shouldn’t we expect for it to be safe and free of contaminants? In fact, we shouldn’t even have to worry about whether or not it’s being held to strict standards.

Unfortunately, we must worry. Cotton happens to be the most heavily sprayed crop in the world, boasting more than 10% of total pesticide use and nearly 25% of total insecticide use globally. With such extensive chemical use, it becomes more shocking that only a mere 2.4% of agricultural land is taken up by cotton production worldwide.

For both the producer and consumer, pesticide-ridden crops pose serious health risks. For this reason the production of organic cotton has become a viable industry in and of itself, and one we should all support, not only for our own personal benefit, but for its sustainability and for the ethical missions behind the companies and organizations who support it.

Below are some incredible proponents of organic cotton- brands whose missions and products come highly recommend by myself and are 100% Green Girl Approved.


Under the Canopy

People often make the mistake that conscious products have less aesthetic appeal and cost way more than their conventional counterparts. This is definitely not the case!

Under the Canopy is a textile company that carries out sustainable practices in its mills and dye-houses, while making beautiful products that appeal to the mainstream, and of course, highlight organic cotton!

Under the Canopy’s bedding collection made its debut at Bed Bath & Beyond this summer, proving eco success by selling out within the first month!

Through this partnership with Bed Bath & Beyond, Under the Canopy’s products have become more accessible to the public, providing all people, regardless of their background, to buy organically while avoiding the splurge.

Under the Canopy proves to be the perfect alternative!


Swisspers is a common household brand, one I was familiar with growing up, since my mother and I used them for practically everything: makeup and nail polish removal, moisturizer application and tons of other uses.

As I became more aware of the importance of keeping toxins away from my skin, especially my face, I discovered Swisspers’ organic cotton line, which is sold in most places that the original ones are sold. This simple switch was uber convenient, and I personally found the price difference to be worth the squeeze, especially with my health now in the picture.


An ethical, smart, and empowering company, Natracare made major headway by using organic and biodegradable material to replace conventional materials to make the most personal, and therefore significant, of products: pads and tampons.

I’ve been using Natracare for the past year. I feel so much better knowing that these products are required to meet certain standards before entering my body. I honestly couldn’t imagine myself reverting back to the conventional ones I used to expose my body to. I will never compromise when it comes to these types of products.

Join the Daisy Chain and take a look at this chart and see where your favorite feminine care products fall on various ethical qualifications:


Women’s Voices for the Earth

Girl power and environmentalism join forces through the brilliant and inspiring minds behind Women’s Voices for the Earth. Speaking of organic cotton in feminine care products, Teens Turning Green and a few other organizations have joined Women’s Voices for the Earth to co-release “Chem Fatale“, a scientifically supported report that exposes the potential health effects of toxic chemicals in conventional feminine care products. Scary stuff indeed! Yet, avoiding the situation altogether by ignoring the facts poses detrimental health effects to ourselves, our loved ones and even the environment. Read, get informed, and even take action here!


On Tuesday, November 5th, I attended an awesome event hosted by Marci Zaroff, Founder of Under the Canopy and president of Portico brand. The event was to showcase Marci’s beautiful bed and bath items for the home and other sustainable brands like Suja and Kopali – each of which embrace similar environmental and health standards.

Erin Schrode, Co-founder of Teens Turning Green was present as well, along with representatives from many organizations, public figures and eco business leaders.

Here are a few photos that captured this wonderful evening.


Under the Canopy bed sets

Under the Canopy bed sets


Smiles with Marci Zaroff, founder of Under the Canopy, and Erin Schrode, co-founder of Teens Turning Green

Smiles with Marci Zaroff, founder of Under the Canopy, and Erin Schrode, co-founder of Teens Turning Green

Me, checking out the soft UTC towels

Me, checking out the soft UTC towels



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