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Food Day 2013

October 24: NATIONAL Food Day. It happened. What did you do to celebrate? Students across the nation participated in various Food Day events. From festivals to food drives to dinners, 4,500 events happened yesterday in every single state of this nation. Of course, the Green Girls were certainly involved in this campaign to some capacity. But first, more about Food Day.

The Food Day organization aims to educate, inspire, and engage students and communities in standing up to industrialized farming and unhealthy food practices & purchases in the United States.

“This annual event involves some of the country’s most prominent food activists, united by a vision of food that is healthy, affordable, and produced with care for the environment, farm animals, and the people who grow, harvest, and serve it.” – FoodDay.org


“At UMASS our Food Day was combined with Campus Sustainability Day. We had a green jobs panel, a fair that showcased all the different sustainability student groups on campus, a real food tasting, and the public signing of the Real Food Campus Commitment (from the Real Food Challenge). It was a really incredible experience to watch students, administrators, faculty, and staff come together to celebrate the power of student voice to implement positive change in our campus. Not to mention the food that was served was really good…”


“At the University of Alabama, we celebrated all day long! From 9 to 3 in our main student center plaza, we tabled to inform and engage students in the movement. We had games where students who successfully placed the tail on a pig or cow or the beak on a chicken or the fin on a fish learned one fun farm animal fact + what it means for the animal to be humanely raised for human consumption. We also hosted a photo petition where students wrote in why they support real food either on campus or in general on a dry erase board and they took a picture. We displayed our “Real Food is Food That Truly Nourishes” wheel and explained our role on campus and what we were doing to integrate fair, local, humane, and ecologically sound food into our dining system using the Real Food Challenge. The day culminated in a 100-mile dinner at a local Farm-to-Fork restaurant, but more on that in a separate post….”

We hope you had a lovely Food Day and continue to support local and ethical food systems. Have a lovely weekend!

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