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Acure in Accra

I am checking in from Accra, Ghana, where I am currently studying abroad. Though I am learning more than I could ever have imagined, most of this illumination is coming from beyond the classroom- where I am interacting with people, tasting food, observing all sorts of cultural practices, and forging connections that I hadn’t realized were already there.

From the standpoint of sustainable development, Accra, as a burgeoning city of international and economic importance, has been extremely interesting to witness, since the normal conventions that protect the natural environment, prevent disposal and buildup of excess waste, and are not easily identifiable here. I can and will write another post entirely on this matter!

For now, I wanted to talk about a way in which I’ve brought a little bit of my own eco practices to Ghana, ones that stay with me no matter where I am.

Last week, I backpacked around Ghana with friends for my spring break. It was a lot of travelling coupled with a LOT of things to see, from the west coast, to the central cities, to the north, where we arrived at our destination of Mole National Park, Ghana’s largest wildlife reserve, (elephants, monkeys and warthogs, oh my!)

Along the way, we took many a bucket bath, one of my new favorite forms of getting clean: you know exactly how much water you’re using (and conserving) because all of it is present in the bucket you poured right in front of your feet. Bucket baths outside are even nicer- you get bathed by the sun and the water all at once!

No matter my location or what kind of shower I am taking, I am sure to always have the products that make me and my environment feel our best, with a mission I feel proud about, ingredients that are socially responsible and good for the health of everyone involved.

Acure Organics is a line of body and hair care that uses only organic and fair trade ingredients, free from animal testing, parabens, sulfates, and other harmful synthetic chemicals and preservatives. Naturally Acure makes me feel and as clean and fresh as I possibly can, since you can’t get much more pure than the mission they stand by!

Beyond the content of the products that you put on your skin, the packaging is always 100% biodegradable, 100% BPA free, with cartons made from 80% recycled paperboard, and using vegetable based inks, among many other sustainable components. The Acure office is 100% solar and wind powered, free from paper waste, and complete with its own composting bins.

Acure strives to highlight the important connection between our bodies and our environment, planting a tree with every body lotion sold, and initiating projects like showyourfaceproject.com, to empower young consumers to know the importance of their choices, and make them count.

Since living in the dry heat of Accra, I’ve been using the Argan Oil for my body and face several times a week to replenish the moisture that’s stripped away. I love the body and face lotions, and use Acure facial cleansers every day. Essentially my body is refreshed with Acure during every stage of the day, and I really couldn’t be happier to support a company such as this one, which works to make the environment as clean as it makes my body.

How do you use Acure?

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